Happiness is contagious: study

Found this during my morning news search. I think this says alot for all of us as a whole.

I know, that since I am in to reptiles, I seem to hang out with reptile people. We are  a weird lot, I know. In the past few months I have noticed that I had alot of issues with one person in my life. He has been a close friend of mine and my wife’s for several years. Actually he was with my wife when we met 13 years ago.

I seemed to get tense around him wondering what he was going to say or do in social situations.  This one friend in particular was offended by something I said in jest. It became this long and drawn out thing. I had apologized but explained I couldn’t change the error that I had done to him.

I can’t promise I was going to not make that error in judgment again at some future date, I could only promise that I would try to do better today and not to make the same mistake again. Well that wasn’t good enough for him. He has decided to end our friendship to a certain extent. I am sorry for the loss of friendship. But, that also gives me the opportunity to learn from my errs in judgment.

I have started to surround myself with happier people. He was a great guy, but seemed to be in a foul mood alot. Many issues in his life effected that. I was allowing his unhappiness to pour over me like paint on a wall.

I have yet to find a regular place to meditate, but feel it will come in its own time. I continue to try and meditate daily and have found a great source of friendship and lessons in this online Buddhist community.

We all need to look at how our current surroundings effect us and if I change myself and the way I look at life, I will attract the same in other people. I have not given up on my friend. I would like to be friends again. But, at the same time, I have to change myself. He will either like the change or reject it and stay the way he is. But till I try and move forward none of this is possible. 

So this weekend surround yourself with Happy  people and loved ones.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

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