My name is Nate.

I am a father to 3 fantastic children.

I’m no Jim Carey, but I am THE cable guy.

I spend my free time blogging, welcome to my blog.

I’ve never considered myself to be a writer, and I will never claim to be a good one. What you see here is an attempt to blog about perspectives I have on a variety of subjects. Whether it be a bit of news, a book I’ve read, a story I find inspiring or just a general perception on the most random of circumstance.

You will notice one thread that holds this blog together, and that is my Dharma practice. At it’s best, it is lacking structure. Yet, at it’s worst it is at it’s best. The Dharma was never intended to take over our life, it was intended to turn it right side up, and then back again.

Just when you get comfortable… WAM!

That’s the story of my life… WAM!

I’ve felt the comfort, I’ve felt the disturbance. Getting up over and over again does not seem as redundant as it once was, it is just something to do.

I make no claim to know and understand anything about the Dharma. I’ve been studying and practicing for over 15 years now and I feel like a novice with each new breath. Over time, my skepticism has grown.

I’ve learned that, just because it is in a book, or it was heard at a Dharma talk, or on retreat— it is not always concrete. Pick it up, look at it, roll it around in your palm for a little while. If it doesn’t feel right, drop it and move on. If you are perplexed by it, maybe would like to take some more time to learn about, keep rolling.

I appreciate others insight and welcome comments. I also embrace debate. Like I said, I make no claim to understand the truth, these writings are my perspective.

I am no Buddhist scholar, Pali text and suttas are not something I study on a daily basis. I am not looking for a graduate degree. While this may make me a simpleton to some, trying to out smart you is the least of my worries. My goal is not to outsmart the next guy with my knowledge, because although it is important, without wisdom, knowledge is meaningless. I make no claim to wisdom either!

My intention is to share minor insights so that it may benefit others. If I just read an awesome book, you’ll hear about it. If I just saw the best film or movie, yup it’ll be here. Maybe, just maybe I’ll read that sutta and enjoy it so much, I’ll share it. I attend a talk from time to time, I’m more than certain I will share those experiences.

So sit back and enjoy. Or, move on. It’s up to you.

May all beings be happy and free of suffering, in this world, in this moment.

Please, feel free to E-Mail me.