My vacation and the creation of simplicity

I had these grandiose plans for my three weeks off from the county. The problem is, I had to many plans. SO I fell into a week of procrastination. I had plans to work out quit smoking. But those plans were derailed when I talked myself into doing Thanksgiving.

I have this problem, it seems I try to grasp a thousand straws and slowly the fall through my fingers. I could grab just a few, but I try to do it all and end up getting little done. I over analyze things and then make them bigger than they need to be. SO I have read a few articles By Leo Babauta. He has some books for download and also one I checked out from the library. He mentions to pick one thing to do each month and then work on that one thing. Once that has been accomplished, move onto the next. I procrastinated going to the local Buddhist Temple and now they are closed for renovation for 5 months. SO I looked to my next project. Doing a little work around the house. Going home I was a little disappointed that the temple had closed, yet I had procrastinated again. I found a guy that was selling fruit trees from his house. We spoke briefly and he said he was leaving the country for a mission trip and might not be back. Remembering what happened with the temple, I made a date to come to his house on Monday and pick up a few trees for my backyard.

Monday was hectic, but I knew I had those plans. So after a few trips to run errands I made two visits to his house and got 3 papaya trees and also another two fruit trees. Cost 12 dollars. I gave him 15 and told him to be careful on his trip.

I spent a few minutes this morning writing this blog on Google documents. And now I have some trees to plant and a car to wash. Have a great Turkey day. I am going to quit smoking December first. I am putting it out there so I can have someone call me on it.     – Todd

Side note. I thought the food trees would help bring fresh fruit into my house. And help with a better diet.

Still trying to find the middle

I have been reading lots of blogs lately. In some way I think they are more interesting than what I post some days. I have read the “No Impact Man” blog for sometime. Well, I read his book recently. He mentioned this online book on minimalism. I have been in the past few months working towards that.

I downloaded the book three times to different thumb drives and also uploaded it to Google documents. Is it really working or am I just fooling myself?

About 2 years ago I had a major flood at my house due to a faulty water heater. It was a forced cleansing as it were. We lost alot of stuff that we had meant to get rid of, but was never able to get around to it. But when tons of water goes flooding from one side of the room to the other you have to make it a priority. In theory I am going to read the book and leave a copy saved in my google documents, but think so many copies is overkill at best.

Guess I need to use my wife’s Garmin to try and find the elusive middle road at least for me.

Tibetans executed in China over riots last year

This is just making the rounds on major news sites, the news is not “new” but to the mainstream it is. Those of us aware of the Tibetan issues have known for days through groups such as Students For A Free Tibet and International Campaign for Tibet. I have been meaning to post for days, thanks Todd for the reminder! Story on executions here and here

The weekend I hit Forty hard

nullWell I am forty now and a few days. I went out for Sushi liked I planned, but alas none of my friends showed up, kind of sad for me at least. Not to mention I had spent 3 hours mowing the yard on my birthday. I also have started to mow the yard of the abandoned house next door. Another neighbor has started to throw his beer bottles there. So after a few minutes of cleanup it was all done and looking great for the next week.

So my father called me Saturday and asked me to come by the house to help him. I headed over and spent a few hours helping him do a lot of little things. I thought it was strange, but family comes first. I headed back to my house. And noticed the inlaws were over. I also noticed a truck parked over at my Neighbors that looked like my buddies. Well My wife threw me a surprise birthday party. There was about 15 of my closet friends and family over. I do have a great wife and she really surprised me and made turning Forty a little easier.

Thanks to my sister in-law for making the cake.

Forty Years

As I approach my Fortieth year on this planet I have noticed changes. When I was turning 30, I wrote a long email to friends and still have some of those friends now, but others have drifted away as people do. Back then I wrote of trucks, tattoos and Pitbulls.

As I have aged I noticed that the outside has changed, but the inside is also changing as I progress through life adding years like some people and possessions. The outside has changed. I am a little rounder than I used to be. I am nicknamed Smilin-Buddha on some of the other forums I frequent. I have a little less of my head to shave each week. And my beard has slowly been dabbled with gray. My wife claims those were put there by her. I think its experience. I can’t name the reason each one was put there. I realize that each one is a year and a chance to be a better person. The most change has come to the inside. I have mellowed in years. I am no longer the person I was. With each year I have come to the realization I can’t change a persons reaction to me, but just the way I deal with that person. I am not perfect, but I do notice a stark contrast to the way I used to be and perceive the way others treat me and my reaction to their missteps.

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Putting off small jobs can make the final outcome worse. I have never liked yard work, but its something I need to do to make my house look proper. Sometimes I slack and then weeks go by and I have to work so much harder to take me back to square one.

My neighbors lost their house due to some creative financing. Their lawn was over grown and started to encroach on mine.  Lots of other people were complaining how bad it looked and all the trash that had piled up. Well the city came by and cleaned up the property and removed tons of debris.

I decided to add their lawn to my routine. Now I work about two hours a week and set up simple projects that I have listed. I take small bites of those other projects and it doesn’t seem bigger than I can handle. 

Kind of like this blog. I have put so much effort into writing a great post. I tend to put it off thinking I might bore people who read this blog. And than weeks go by and then I feel like a jerk posting because I haven’t been here in so long. I am going to try to start posting a little each week. And hope it helps someone out there as I do my battles with my issues. I am turning 40 next Friday and hope to have my post done by then, Take care of yourself.

Clutter Busting

Clutter as Punishment? This is one of those ideas that I never thought about. How can things punish you. Living with clutter can be a way to punish yourself.

You bought that exercise bike and it sits idol in the corner of the house and you look at it every day and always say maybe on Friday, that day never comes. Your thoughts might go to the money spent on it, or that maybe someday you will use it because you spent the money on it. But again, those days might never come.

Its like carrying around the gifts or things of an old relationship. Those gifts remind you of a person that no longer is around. You might think it is just a thing, but things can cause problems. They can bring up old feeling and we try to relive the past, but the outcome will always be the same. I have kept a few pictures of past loves. But I am really not sure why. Just seems to be a part of my life. But I do notice those feelings seems to rise up. Some good some bad. I am trying to relive the past and change things I can’t. Those pictures have been thrown away now. The exercise bike will go to good will next week and I will start walking with the dog. Don’t punish your self with things. The past is the past. And money spent can never be returned. Take care of yourself.

Middle Road: Clutter

nullFunny, I was looking at the Buddhist section in the local book store, and really didn’t find anything that struck me. So I left empty handed, an unusual circumstance.

Working at the library I have the ability to see tons of new books coming in and one happened to catch my eye, “Clutter Busting”. I have always had a problem with to much stuff. I married a woman with similar problems. Hers is Genetic I think. Mine is I am a Pack Rat.

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Shedding Skin

nullI have a few snakes and they shed their skin occasionally as they grow. I always wished I could shed my skin have a fresh start as it were. Remove all the parasites the scars, the blemishes. Where snakes have that luxury, we as a whole do not. But, no matter how many times they shed they are still snakes. They can’t change the internal by shedding off their external epidermis.

Recently I have been having issues at work and my family has needed more than usual. I was used to being a loner of sorts. We would all get together and have dinner or drinks. But we kind of all proceeded in a steady fashion.

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