The only failure is not trying!!

We all know change is inevitable, by the time this post is finished, even by the time this sentence is finished, change will have happened. There are those inescapable, concrete moments of change, and then there are the one’s we choose to make.

Over the past few months, I’ve come to terms with the unavoidable changes, as a matter of fact I have learned to embrace them. But, one major factor in my life, now, is striving for bigger shifts in attitude specifically.

I’ve always been the type of person the just allowed things to happen organically, to not buck against it and just be content with the inevitability of it all. I would happily just sit on my little raft, floating down the river of complacency expecting things to change, as they always do and just coping with what happened. I’ve learned, recently, that same sense of complacency was not getting me anywhere but the same place I started. Living this cyclical existence has not been enough for me. As I raise my fist in the air, revolting against the very idea that we should just “be” and let this life unfold, I also scream from the bowels of my gut that I refuse to sit on that raft any longer, as a matter of fact I am pushing that raft ashore and setting the damned thing ablaze!!

Life’s too short for that crap. There are so many moments that can be embraced, to make those changes, but we tend to believe those things are too hard or that we can’t accomplish the task so we don’t even bother to put in the effort. I emplore you to put that brain chatter to rest, to flip that raft over, and try. You’d be amazed at the things you can do and accomplish with even the least bit of effort. The only failure is not trying.

I’ve lived my life in the comfort of complacency for to long. If I have an idea, from here on out, I am doing it. If I want to do this, I am doing it. I am setting goals that I was scared of in the past. I refuse to sit idly by and let this life pass without making it meaningful. I resist the implication that we should just be happy with the way things are. To be honest, I am sick and tired of this idea that we should just let go, to somehow coexist in a manner that we have no control of. Pardon the language, but fuck that! Yes, there are things beyond our control, but there are many moments I can, and will, control.

I am the change I want.

I am the man in the mirror.

I will not sit by and let life pass me by!!!

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  1. I like what you’ve said and I agree focus is the determinate factor in what we create for our lives.
    I believe that our ability to stay focused is based largely upon our state of emotional stability at any given moment.
    On the other hand, I may just as easily say the total opposite; that our emotional stability is based on our ability to focus.
    In fact I believe both to be true. Consider this. Fear, anger, hatred, frustration, antagonism, hostility, like all the baser emotions have their origins in the domain of the Reptilian Brain Complex, fight / flight instinctual survival portion of the brain, which has no capacity to perceive other than threat to the protoplasmic survival. It is evolutionary programming at its most basic state. Should our focus be toward our back brain our focus will be hap hazard and scattered from anxiety and fear of life threatening crisis.
    However, should we change our focus toward another center of the brain, which Eckhart Tolle references in his “The Power of Now”; the frontal lobe of the cerebrum, our ability to remain focused improves based upon the relative calm within our brain because we feel at peace and as ease. We now experience the time to stay focused on something of our choosing rather than on survival issues.
    It is because we have by our free will altered our focus to the part of our brain which has the ability to contemplate peaceful awareness that we have become more able to remain focused.

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