Signing Off

As you’ve probably  noticed, there is a severe lack of updates here on Precious Metal. 5 years into this blog, I’ve decided, it’s time to officially sign off and move on.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this blog, and most importantly interacting not only with the readers, but the rest of the Buddhist blogosphere. I’ve hit a point in my life, lately, and have decided the best thing to do, for me, is to close up shop. I am leaving the blog, and all the previous posts, up as an archive.

The past five years have been pivotal to my being the person I have become. Without this blog, and your help, I could not have gotten here. So, thank you for all the support and kind words throughout the years. Many of you know my e-mail address or are on my Facebook. I am happy to stay in contact, and am even happier to have known you in the past, present and future.

Thanks to everyone who has ever commented, guest posted, sent items for review, etc. I appreciate everything!

Onward and upward!!


  1. Yes…You will be missed. Perhaps we can honor your work by continuing to produce our work, continue to do blog swaps and promoting the dharma.

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