Back To Basics

© Heidi Younger

Yet again, things seem to be getting a bit stale. Life is going well, but my practice is a bit… hmmph you know? I think I am trying to hard, doing this type of practice, reciting this, etc. Maybe I just need to get back to sitting, just sitting.

I feel like I stepped up to the plate, stayed in the batters box for a good while, battling off foul ball after foul ball.

Here and there I’d blast a single out into the gap, running hard to make it a double, I keep getting tagged out though.

I’d get that slow floater, right down the middle… *crack* this one is gonna be a homer, it’s going… going… son of… it was caught, out again!

It’s times like these a guy needs to get sent down for a minor league stint, get things back in order.

At this point, I think it’s time to start over though. Head on down to Florida and start spring training all over again.

I’ve overstepped a bit, got myself a little to deep here and not fully comprehending what it is I am doing here. My throw is off, can’t even reach home plate from the infield..

This is where I am at, sitting here in my virtual Ft. Myers starting all over again. Time to work on my swing a bit, loosen the ole arm up and get back to basics

Illustration Credit: Image by Heidi Younger


  1. I’m having a dry spell, too, really struggling to sit at the moment. I find it easier when my weekly classes are running, which provides a framework to hang my practice on.

  2. Good, forget those Yankees right?

    Yeah, begin, begin, begin. I like your outlook on it, just gets frustrating after a bit you know. But I get that’s why they call it practice…

  3. Honey, I think we’re speaking the same language here. I go back to training camp all the time. Begin, begin, begin – that’s what I do. Frankly, I feel good about that. I know I’ll eventually be starting against the Yankees soon enough. :P

    Be well, enjoy camp!


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