Book Review: Complete Idiot’s Guide To Buddhism

“Complete Idiot’s Guide To Buddhism, Third Edition”
by Gary Gach
Published by Alpha

I’ve searched around a bit in my years of following the Buddhist path for a book that explains a little about alot. Meaning, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Buddhism is a vast wealth of knowledge, from Zen to Tibetan Buddhism, Pureland to Nichiren there’s something for everyone.

While it may not be the most literary book written, it’s written in a way any of us “idiot’s” can understand. This being the third edition of “Complete Idiot’s Guide To Buddhism”, it obviously has had some revisions. Not only did it have a different author, but Gary Gach revisited and edited nearly a third of the book updating quite a bit of it.

I really appreciate the way Gary has laid everything out. The first half of the book breaks down the various traditions, the story of the historical Buddha and his teachings such as the 4 noble truths and the eightfold path. The second half of the book is more of a meditation manual, but breaks down various techniques that even beginners such as myself can comprehend and put into action.

As Buddhism continues to gain popularity in the West something as simple as the Complete Idiot’s Guide To Buddhism can become a valuable tool. Don’t let the title fool you, I believe there is something each one of us can learn from this book.

I’d recommend this to any practitioner, from beginner to advanced. If you think you can’t learn something from a book like The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Buddhism you’re wrong and you should take some time to tear through this book.

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