Book Review/ Interview: Saltwater Buddha

Ed. Note- At the end of this book review please check out the interview I was able to do with Jaimal. I had a good time with it and thank him for taking time out to do it for Precious Metal!

Saltwater Buddha
written by Jaimal Yogis
Published by Wisdom Publications

More and more we’re seeing books published that parallel one’s lifestyle with the teachings of the Buddha. Jaimal’s life as a surfer and Zen practitioner meld together as if they were meant to go hand in hand. It’s not just the surfing and the Zen, his life in general parallels someone we all know, Buddha.

While a youngster, like Buddha, Jaimal became dissatisfied and went on a search to find something larger than himself. When faced with adversity and thoughts of potential failure, rather than give in he overcame the obstacles. In certain cases, he excelled right past them, focused and aware of his intentions.

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Book Review: Razor Wire Dharma

“Razor Wire Dharma” written by Calvin Malone
Published 2008 by Wisdom Publications

“When we take the time to know people around us, it becomes easier to extend compassion and loving-kindness to them. Those who are in prison and seem different are simply people who need the same kindness everyone else is seeking. No matter what they did, who they are, what they look like, or how they act, like all of us, they want to be happy.”

When you think of a prisoner, what vision does this bring about in your mind? Many people envision a “hardened criminal”, someone who “should be locked behind bars, and have the keys tossed away”. They may also think this same person cannot change, and will not change. This book is a perfect “wake up call” for those with unsafe assumptions, especially to the one’s that believe prison is the be all end all for a “criminal”.

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