Book Review: Wisdom 2.0

wisdom2coverWisdom 2.0: Ancient Secrets for the Creative and Constantly Connected
written by Soren Gordhamer
Published by HarperOne

As the 20th Century was put to rest, and we ushered in the 21st, we’ve seen massive technological advances. Whether it be faster and more stable computers & internet connections, Blackberries, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and even recently Amazon launched it’s Kindle. We’ve been overwhelmed by technology, whether we have come to terms with it or not.

Wisdom 2.0 teaches valuable lessons on relinquishing the grasp our new attachment to technology has on us, and what we can do to slow down the need to be constantly plugged in all the time. I for one am a HUGE techno-abuser, whether I’m right here typing away, checking my Facebook, E-mail (incessantly) I’m nearly always plugged in.

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First Ever Precious Metal “CONTEST”!

I was contacted by the folks at Harper One about a new book they are releasing, Wisdom 2.0 by Soren Gordhamer. They sent me a few copies of it to promote and give away on this blog. The book, from what I’ve read so far, sums up alot of us I’m sure. Soren describes the way we react/ interact with technology and how it affects “real life” and ways to cope with the stresses we unknowingly create with our dependence on technology .

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