Robin Hood Updated as New Obama-era Superhero

From Business Wire

For the first time the legend of Robin Hood will be updated for the cosmopolitan world of today’s Obama-era America as a New Global Superhero who adopts the Code of the Bodhisattva followed by the greatest zen warriors from the Shaolin monks to the Japanese Samurai. Set in modern-day USA, the epic has also been filmed in England, France, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Thailand, Singapore and India. The project will also feature a special inspirational message from Robert Thurman—the celebrated father of Uma Thurman and profiled by numerous media giants from Oprah Winfrey to Larry King.

Furthermore, “Robin Hood: The New Zen Warrior” will be dedicated to the multi-national victims and real-life heroes of the recent Mumbai attacks who exemplified the Bodhisattva spirit of compassion and will also include a futuristic fashion line, original soundtrack, informative brochure and avant-garde comic book.

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