Richard Gere hopes for good relations between China and Tibet

From ANI

Hollywood actor/ political activist Richard Gere has voiced hope that China could one day have a Tibetan leader – the same way as United States has a black president.

Gere, a Buddhist, is particularly passionate about Chinese/Tibetan relations.

The actor was in Washington to urge Congress to support Tibet in the country’s fight against oppression by the Communist government in neighbouring China.

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China: We’ll take Olympic torch through Tibet – and punish protesters severely

From Daily Mail – China vowed today to carry the Olympic torch through Tibet and promised “severe” punishment for any protesters there.

Speaking as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Richard Gere joined pro-Tibet protesters in San Francisco, the Himalayan region’s Chinese-appointed governor said he was prepared for activists to cause “trouble” for the torch relay on its way to Mount Everest next month.

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Olympics boycott if China mishandles Tibet: Gere

From Reuters. – China should suffer a boycott of its cherished Beijing Olympics if it mishandles protests in restive Tibet, Hollywood actor and Tibetan activist Richard Gere said on Friday.

Gere, a close follower of the Dalai Lama and chairman of the International Campaign for Tibet, stressed that neither the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader nor the ICT advocates a boycott of the Summer Olympics.

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