Sometimes your best teachers are not Buddhists


This week I have started to realize that some of my best lessons came from people that were not Buddhists. I was over at my parent’s house this weekend for a Groundhog day Party, my parents are both from that area in Pennsylvania. They are in such a small town these events are of epic proportions.

After the party was winding down my father was moving a chair and fell. He ended up sprawled on the floor and had received a small cut about his eye. I applied some pressure and got the bleeding to stop and my mother put some butterfly bandages on it.

I guess as I age my parents are getting older. I am approaching my fortieth year on this earth my father is in his 70’s. I guess I never really noticed it as he ages he has always been in great shape. Last year he started taking his first pill and was pissed about it.

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Encountering Truth

It’s been over three years now since I started studying and practicing the teachings Buddha left behind, the principles of a moral humanity. I often struggle with some of them, but compassion and understanding has been at the heart of what I try to expel in every encounter with another person, no matter how large a scale that encounter may be.

As you may or may not know, I work for a TV cable provider. My job involves a hands on approach with nearly every customer for the work I do each day. Some day it’s just climbing a pole and connecting or disconnecting lines, but for the most part I am in people’s homes trouble shooting issues or installing/ upgrading new services. Of course for some this may take a person out of their comfort zone being in someone elses home, but I am there to do the job I was asked and have no issues with it.

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Believe in the power of One

Evan Tanner

Or the death of an idol. I think I may have mentioned that I am a fan of UFC. Not the company, but the fighters and competition. One of my favorite fighters of all time was Evan Tanner. He was like me, suffering from demons that existed in us. We both had our bouts with alcohol and depression. He filled his days with a monk like existence. But those days were also filled with adventure.

We were alike both having these grandiose ideas that seemed to wilt like a crop on the vine. I have tried to make myself feel better by acquisition of material things and snakes. Thinking that each new snake or item would make me feel whole. I have bred snakes several years in a row. But will I be remembered for that or that I created a hybrid of two different pythons that no one else had ever done. Probably not.

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Sad way to end the year.


I got a second job at a pharmacy retailer. I feel I was very lucky to get it. They are willing to train me and I can get certified with a skill,something I can always use if the library thing doesn’t work out.

Well last night as I was leaving work I noticed a tall woman walking by the corner of the store. I had just got to my truck and was kind of wondering where she was headed. Then a guy rode up on his bike and hopped the curb. He punched her square in the face. I hopped out of the truck to go and give aid all while dialing the cops on my cell phone. He saw me coming and took off down the street screaming. She started to walk away.

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