Paris, Ashton and Monk “Punk’d” the Papparazi

From Celebrity Crunch – Paris Hilton’s probably feeling smug right now after getting away with a stunt that had just about every major media source reporting that she’d ‘found enlightenment’ with a Monk. Turns out the whole schtick is part of a new E! show called Pop Fiction. With Ashton Kutcher on as producer, the show is a spin on Punk’d where the joke is supposedly on the media outlets and paparazzi. Jason Goldberg, one of Kutcher’s partners explains to USA Today:

Goldberg says the show is not meant as a forum for celebrity “whining,” but is instead played as a comedy. “We’re having fun, but we want to say to people, ‘Can you really believe everything you read and see?’ ”

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Paris Hilton turns to Buddhist Monk to find her spiritual self?

This was a HOAX!!!

From London News – It seems like Paris Hilton is trying to shed her party girl image and has turned to a Buddhist Monk to find her spiritual self.

The 27-year-old was spotted with the monk in Los Angeles browsing the shelves of the Bodhi Tree bookstore for spiritual enlightenment books.

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Back in jail for Paris.

Firstly, to my regular visitors who I’m sure are not interested in reading this Paris mess, this is the last article I’ll write about it. Back to the basics from here on out.

So, after being picked up at her house by the Sheriffs office, Paris was escorted back to court for her appearance. Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer , thankfully, threw her back in jail. This time though it was for the original sentence of 45 days. She will get time served for the time she was incarcerated as well as the day she spent on the bracelet at home.

Judge Sauer stood by his original words and sent her back, even over her sobbing and weeping. My final words on this are, if you cannot do the time, DO NOT do the crime. Maybe she’ll really learn her lesson. And now she realize as well, noone is above the law, no matter who you are or how much money you have. She can thank her lucky stars she didn’t kill someone in the original ordeal or else she’d be locked up alot longer for sure.

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And Paris walks right out…

Today, 6/7/07, Paris Hilton walked right out of jail. She is going home on a bracelet system which will “monitor” her and make sure she doesn’t leave the house. Boo hoo!

It has just been reported that due to a “medical condition” she has been released. She was not eating the food at the jail, which is perfectly ok for every other prisoner, but not an “icon” like Paris Hilton. This is absolutely outrageous folks. Because she goes on a hunger strike she gets out? Where is the justice? Where is the outrage?

What happens the next time she gets drunk and runs someone over? What happens then? Who will be held accountable? Surely not princess Paris! Her parents will just pay another person off.

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Editors Note: But wait, there’s more. It’s later on, same day the news broke on the release and it’s back to court. The original judge has ordered Paris to return to see what the hell is going on. CLICK HERE to read the current news. I’ll post more later as the shit continues to hit the fan. This is still ridiculous, as a matter of fact, it is nearly beyond ridiculous.

Paris Hilton checks in, to jail!

Well, she hasn’t necessarily “checked in” yet, but she will have to by June 5th. It seems like our court system has finally done something right, and set an example with this case. It shows that noone is above the law, even when you have as much money behind you as the Hilton family has.

I’m sure everyone knows what this all stems from but to make a long story short, the original charge was a DUI (on September 7th, 2006) in which Paris had a blood/alcohol level of .08 which is the legal limit. She was arrested and sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines. On January 15th, 2007 she was pulled over and was informed by the officer that she was operating with a suspended license, in which she even signed a paper saying she acknowledged that. She was then stopped AGAIN on February 27th, 2007 after an officer noticed her speeding around with her headlights off. She was charged with violating her probation.
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