Skateboarding monk shocks China

From Annanova

Photographs of a monk skateboarding inside a historic temple have caused controversy in China.

They were taken by a visitor to the Emei Mountain Temple, in Sichuan province, and posted on the internet, reports Huaxi Metropolis News.

The monastery stands near the top of Mount Emei – the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China and the site of the country’s first ever Buddhist temple.

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Paris, Ashton and Monk “Punk’d” the Papparazi

From Celebrity Crunch – Paris Hilton’s probably feeling smug right now after getting away with a stunt that had just about every major media source reporting that she’d ‘found enlightenment’ with a Monk. Turns out the whole schtick is part of a new E! show called Pop Fiction. With Ashton Kutcher on as producer, the show is a spin on Punk’d where the joke is supposedly on the media outlets and paparazzi. Jason Goldberg, one of Kutcher’s partners explains to USA Today:

Goldberg says the show is not meant as a forum for celebrity “whining,” but is instead played as a comedy. “We’re having fun, but we want to say to people, ‘Can you really believe everything you read and see?’ ”

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