We The Beasts

As you can imagine, being a cable guy I see lots of things. Yesterday I was at a house, in the basement to be specific. I saw a mouse scampering around, not looking all that well and I peered over at the homeowner.

He says to me, “don’t worry, we had a terminator come in, the mouse is dying from the poison.” That was the last thing I was worried about, and a sense of compassion waved over me. Here I was witnessing the worse kind of suffering. The animal was bloated from the poison, walking around in circles, at times falling over onto his little back until gaining a sense of balance again.

The customer than said he was going to get a shovel, I was horrified. As he approached with the shovel I exclaimed that he should not do what I thought he was going to but to give the mouse some sort of dignity and allow him to spend the final moments out in nature. As oxymoronic as this sounds, the customer was kind enough to shovel him up and bring him outside.
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