Leonard Cohen: Zen And The Art Of Songwriting

From NPR

Leonard Cohen is touring the U.S. for the first time in 15 years.

The deep-voiced musician, best known for writing songs that straddle the folk-rock fence, has produced numerous albums and written several books of poetry. He has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the U.S.

Cohen joins Fresh Air host Terry Gross to talk about his poetry, his songwriting and his time at a retreat called the Zen Center.

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Legendary singer returns to stage after 15-year absence from limelight

From the Canadian Press – After a series of “rehearsal shows” in eastern Canada, legendary singer/poet Leonard Cohen is officially kicking off his world tour in Toronto.

The reclusive artist, who was ordained a Buddhist monk during his 15-year absence from the limelight, took the stage Friday night, getting waves of applause from roughly 3,200 fans who filled the Sony Centre.

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The Rock& Roll Hall of Fame welcomes a renewed Leonard Cohen

From The National Post – ‘They’re not gonna get us! They ‘re not gonna get us!” growled Leonard Cohen when I bumped into him on his beloved St. Laurent Boulevard, arm in arm with his musical muse and mate Anjani Thomas, two years ago.

His smile was as charmingly crooked as ever, but there was a wildness in his eyes I hadn’t previously recognized. The source of his urgent tone was money: His manager in Los Angeles had ripped him off to the tune of $5-million, largely while he was holed up in a Zen retreat in Mount Baldy, Calif., leaving him with $150,000.

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