Book Review: The Jewel Trader Of Pegu

jeweltraderThe Jewel Trader of Pegu: A Novel written by Jeffrey Hantover
Published by Harper Collins

Jeffrey Hantover weaves an interesting tale of a Jewish man, Abraham, whose world has collapsed around him. Both his wife and son have passed away, leaving him lost in a familiar surrounding. He decides to travel from his comfortable land in Europe to the unfamiliar area of Pegu located in Burma.

Abraham’s task while in Pegu is to set up shop as a jewel trader, gain a large sum of money, and travel back with this new found fortune. Upon his arrival in Pegu, Abraham is quite closed and nearly pessimistic in how perceives what the future holds for him there. He looks at the native people and their culture as “heathens” and can’t quite grasp the Buddhist customs.

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