Burma: Junta “cracking down” on demonstrators and monks

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Security forces fired warning shots and tear gas canisters while hauling Buddhist monks away in trucks Wednesday as they tried to stop anti-government demonstrations in defiance of a ban on assembly.

About 300 monks and activists were arrested across Yangon, according to an exile dissident group, and reporters saw a number of monks — who are highly revered in Myanmar — being dragged into trucks.

The junta had banned all public gatherings of more than five people and imposed a nighttime curfew following eight days of anti-government marches led by monks in Yangon and other areas of the country, including the biggest protests in nearly two decades.
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Why, why, why… (CAUTION: graphic photo warning)

… are things, like the photo below, allowed to happen? No one life is more important than the next, but who the hell kills a monk? How many more are dead? How many demonstrators have really been killed? Where are the rest of them? What type of monster have we humans become? I am sickened to my stomach, bleeding in my heart and angry as hell! Something needs to be done NOW!!!

The world needs to rally behind the Burmese people, or this senseless killing will continue. The envoy from the UN is there right now and it HAS NOT STOPPED! India and China, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Sorry for the graphic photo, but everyone needs to see the reality of the situation, and this is it!

Burmese Buddhist Monk

Tibet, the forgotten humanitarian issue!

Well, by now we all know what is going on in Burma. There are multiple reposts on this blog from various sources, as well as links and more. There are bloggers the world over exposing the realities in Burma and the struggle they face. There is all the talk of outrage and this country or that one expressing their solidarity for the people of Burma.  There are comparisons drawn about Darfur.

One thing that is really starting to break is the fact China is really not stepping up to the plate. The strongest word they’ve used is “restraint” when it comes to dealing with the situation. There is talk going on about how this is going to affect how the world will view the Olympics, which are set this year in Beijing. But there’s a big thing missing here, and I am really beginning to wonder why.

Where is the concern for Tibet? You’ve all heard of Tibet right?

A response to my letter regarding Darfur?

I was absolutely amazed to check my e-mail and find a reply to a letter I had written to my senator, Edward Kennedy, about my thoughts on Darfur and that the world should be doing more. Here is his reply to me. I did not edit it at all, it’s cut and pasted straight from my e-mail inbox.

Thank you for your letter about the genocide in Sudan. I share your concern over this horrific tragedy. Darfur has been embroiled in this deadly conflict for four years. It is estimated that 400,000 people have been killed. 2 million innocent civilians have been displaced, and more than 3.5 million men, women, and children are relying on international aid to survive. Despite the ceasefire agreement between the Sudanese government and the rebel forces, the violence continues. A negotiated peace settlement is urgently needed.
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