The Buddha was Smiling

As many of you know, Change Your Mind Day started in 1993 by Tricycle Magazine. Tricycle’s intention was to hold the event outside, similar to the teachings that the Buddha held. The idea is to make the¬†Dharma¬†accessible, for those that maybe feel uncomfortable entering a center. It is an opportunity to not only learn about meditation, but to ask questions to those that have walked the path for a while.

Change You Mind Day – Cape Cod set out with the same goal. Dharma friend, Annette Miller, was the main force behind the event. She did all the dirty work, talking with the town to get usage of the village green, setting up the schedule, arranging times to meet with other folks that were involved, etc. She couldn’t have chosen a better place to host the event. In Hyannis (which is centrally located on Cape Cod), there is a very busy main street, with lots of foot traffic, especially this time of year.

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Meditation groups host special teaching event

Ed. Note- This is from a local paper, The Cape Cod Times. It is about this weekends “Change Your Mind Day” event, the first of it’s kind here on Cape Cod.

The pace of modern living leaves many of us feeling hurried and harried, and there is nothing healthy about stress or anxiety. It makes sense that a calming practice like meditation would help defuse stress. The medical community regularly recommends that patients try mind-body practices to aid with healthy living, and physicians such as Dr. Herbert Benson at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are actually proving that meditation not only lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, but also changes the body at the level of cellular activity, meaning it may help slow down the aging process.

If you would like to try meditation but aren’t sure how to begin, “Change Your Mind Day,” from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday on the Hyannis Village Green, offers the perfect opportunity to find a meditative practice suited to your temperament.

Nine meditation groups will be represented from across the Cape, with tables set up so people can pick up information and talk to the teachers. There will also be a talk by a different teacher on the hour all day long and there will be ongoing silent meditations all day, consisting of 20 minutes of sitting and then a time for questions and answers.

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