Passionate About Being Compassionate

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood was how our neighborhood had a bunch of tight-knit families. All of the parents got along and there was only a minimal amount of drama. Every neighborhood has it’s drama, but no-one is writing a script based on the stuff that went down on Juniper Lane.

As a gregarious cluster we shared lots of meals. Do you remember when eating at your friends house was a thing? You’d either have to run home or ask to use the landline phone to see if your mom was ok with it. One family in particular was very odd to most of us at the time, at least when it came to what they ate. We knew them as vegetarians! Ohh scary right? They had tofu regularly, ate lentil loaf instead of meatloaf. “Why,” we often asked ourselves. “Why would they do that,” we wondered. The food tasted so… ummm… weird and bland to our youthful and finite tastebuds. Continue reading →

Adam Yauch: Let’s Smash Cancer with Meditation

A couple of days ago, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, sent this message out to fans….


wanted to send this out to you guys in case you were into it, or wanted to give it to anyone who you think might be.

a few friends and i are meditating at the same time twice a day. 9:30am and 6:30pm eastern standard time, for about an hour and half.

we are picturing smashing apart all of the cancer cells in the world.

we are visualizing taking the energy away from the cancer, and then sending it back at the cancer as lightening bolts that will break apart the DNA and RNA of the cells. if you have the time, please join us in whipping up this lightening storm. mind over matter……

if you prefer to sit then sit, but if you are not used to meditating, or sitting quietly doesn’t sound like fun, put on some music and dance while you do the visualization, and if you want to do it at some other time, or picture curing some other illness that’s fine too. yoko will be joining the meditation by visualizing all of us dancing with joy to celebrate the world without cancer. all variations are welcome. this is really just being done with a wish for all beings to be cured of all illnesses and to find true lasting happiness.

i’ll also be saying prayers for the earthquake victims in tibet, so join in on that if you can too.

please feel free to pass this onto anyone who you think may find it interesting.

with all my love,

adam yauch

Deadly Light, Buddhist influenced metal

I was contacted by a member of the band, Deadly Light, to check out their stuff– wow what a breath of fresh air from what I’ve been listening to lately. Here is a description of the band from their site…. “Deadly Light writes loud, metal-infused, cinematic songs dealing with the nature of consciousness and the search for meaning.”

Hopefully a full review of their EP and an interview will be coming soon…. until then you should all check their songs out

Intoxicants: Bending The Rules?

There’s a new article today on CNN about a monk in Japan that mixes hip hop, Buddhist sutras and alcohol in hopes of attracting younger people to the Dharma in Japan. Right off the bat, I do enjoy a beer (Guinness, love my dark beers) with dinner if I happen to go out with my wife, so I’m not playing the hypocrite role here, just making an observation.

Anyway, I’ve always understood that one of the precepts says to abstain from intoxicating substances. While that could be painted with a broad brush, it mainly reflects alcohol consumption. There has been debate about whether or not this means complete and utter absolution, or if we can “bend the rules” a bit.

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Why I Blog, by Richard

Ed. Note:This post is a guest article via the second Buddhist blog swap. The article was written by Richard over at My Buddha Is Pink. I am very excited to have this article featured here and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fire most often conjures images of destruction. But there are species that depend on fire for life. In the Great Lakes region, jack pine is such a species that depends on fire to continue its existence. Cones from jack pine are so densely covered with resin that the seeds within can remain viable for many years. The trees also hold on to the cones rather than dropping them cyclically as other pine species do.

If a fire doesn’t periodically sweep through a stand of jack pine, the trees are overwhelmed by other species and eventually die out. But when a wildfire spreads through the stand, the intense heat burns away the resin from the cones. Afterward, the cones open, the seeds drop out onto the scorched soil, which is now in perfect condition for germination.

Life arises from destruction.

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Interview with Buddhist Metal band Dosa Jhana

I’m not sure how, but luckily, one day I stumbled on this incredible band, Dosa Jhana. It’s rare to find a band in the extreme metal genre that even talk about Buddhism, never mind dedicating their whole effort to the path. The only other metal band I know that has any Buddhist overtones would be The Firstborn, who are amazing themselves.

I ended up getting a copy of their demo and was blown away at the array of sounds they included in the music. It wasn’t just extreme metal, there are various elements an.d layers to the music. I knew I had to profile the guys here on PM, and below please find the interview I did with Steven form the band. I hope you enjoy it and hope you’ll give their music a listen. Here’s a YouTube video of their’s to get you started.

Dosa Jhana is a rather obscure band to most, so why don’t you tell us a little bit about the band.

Dosa Jhana is a Buddhist-metal band from the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands. We are basically a two piece band but recently we added two extra musicians (Dave Wismeijer of Isfere on bass and Melle Kramer of Obsidian on drums) to perform our music live. We have played on several art exhibitions as well as regular concert venues, most notably being the opening act for fusion-metal greats: Cynic.

Dosa Jhana was founded in 2006 in the mind of British artist Maria Pask. She was asked to participate in the Sculpture Projects ‘07 in Muster Germany, where she presented her work ‘Beautiful City’. As a part of this work there would be series of performances or lectures on religion in the modern day by different religious groups.

Maria used to be my teacher in Art school, but we have kept in touch after I graduated. She knew I was into metal music and she approached me if I would be interested in performing in Muster as a Buddhist metal band. My direct response was “Sure, that sounds like the kind of thing I would do anyway!”. I have always had a sympathy for Buddhism, but it wasn’t until that point that I read more into it. I invited my good friend and partner-in-crime David Hazeleger to join me since he is a musical genius, shares my taste in music and is one of the most zenned-out guys I know. Things have led from one thing to anthother since then I guess…

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