The Un-Intentional Bodhisattva

The definition of a bodhisattva is an enlightened being who, out of compassion, forgoes nirvana in order to save others.

As we all know by now, the “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson has moved on in the great circle of life and death. Where he goes from here noone knows, but if I were to guess, his next life he do even greater things.

He was known for many things:

  • his miraculous dance moves (including the moonwalk).
  • his ability to sing over any melody whether it be disco, r&b, rock and more.
  • the controversial court charges (which regardless of what I or you think, he was acquitted of).
  • bubbles the chimp
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Robin Hood Updated as New Obama-era Superhero

From Business Wire

For the first time the legend of Robin Hood will be updated for the cosmopolitan world of today’s Obama-era America as a New Global Superhero who adopts the Code of the Bodhisattva followed by the greatest zen warriors from the Shaolin monks to the Japanese Samurai. Set in modern-day USA, the epic has also been filmed in England, France, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Thailand, Singapore and India. The project will also feature a special inspirational message from Robert Thurman—the celebrated father of Uma Thurman and profiled by numerous media giants from Oprah Winfrey to Larry King.

Furthermore, “Robin Hood: The New Zen Warrior” will be dedicated to the multi-national victims and real-life heroes of the recent Mumbai attacks who exemplified the Bodhisattva spirit of compassion and will also include a futuristic fashion line, original soundtrack, informative brochure and avant-garde comic book.

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Bodhisattvas’ benefits are not always obvious

From The Star Bulletin
By The Rev. Shingyo Imai

We celebrate Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment, which is called “bodhi” in both of India’s ancient languages, Sanskrit and Pali.

The English language has adopted some Indian Buddhist words such as “Buddha,” “dharma” and “nirvana.” However, “bodhisattva” has not become popular in this country yet.

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Oscar the Bodhisattva?

I read an interesting article this morning on CNN (the link is provided at the bottom). In Providence, Rhode Island there is a nursing home, Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, that houses a cat in it’s dementia ward. The cat, Oscar, has a very bizarre connection with the coming of death for the patients in the nursing home.

So far there have been roughly 25 cases in which Oscar has gone into a patients room, laid down on their bed (curling up with them as well) and waited for their death. It seems he knows when they are going to pass, and they usually do.
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