Article Swap Part Deux, Pairing Announced here!!!

Ok, once you’ve seen who you’ve been paired with below, please scroll down to the bottom and comment with your contact info so everyone can be in proper contact with eachother so we can all have these posted on January 8th. Here it goes again…

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Article Swap Part Deux!

Ed. Note: Sorry for the delay in posting the pairs. Today I was called in to work because of the snowstorm we had here in the Northeast. I am part of the “storm team” at my job, and thus had to report today, my day off, to help hang new lines and lighten some of the work up. I will have, I promise, the pairs done and posted by Wednesday LATEST! Thanks for your patience! :)

Back by popular demand, Article Swap Part Deux!

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Article Swap Part Deux??

Yes, we’re hoping to make it happen. Some ideas are floating around and they are phenomenal. I saw two that would be great combined and will pose it to you right now….

First off I am shooting for February 1st to have this one come together. Here’s the idea… Everyone is paired again but this time there is an action or task to be completed. You will choose your own action (whether it be sitting an extra 5 minutes, going out of your way to do something your not accustomed, etc..), then you’ll tell the person you are paired with what that action is and they will come up with interview questions based on that. Make sense?? (shout out’s to Marcus and Shane for the inspiration on this one)

Of course, it’s not etched in stone yet and would love to see what you guys want to do. Not taking sign-ups quite yet, but once something is set to write about we’ll start that up.

Sustaining Practice

When Nate suggested I write about sustaining practice, I thought it would be pretty much a no-brainer. Then I started thinking, which is never a good thing because my mind can put an Escher drawing to shame. And that, in a nutshell, is what derails my practice: I start to believe what I think.

For all practitioners, practice is a challenge. Sustaining practice is just that: meeting the challenge of practicing. From a psychological perspective, sustaining any activity is simple – theoretically. Find what reinforces the behaviour and apply generously. It boils down to a simple creed: Create intention, pay attention. From that, right action follows – mostly. Full disclosure is required here: it doesn’t work for me at the formal level of practice. I can no more sit religiously than I can run, work out, eat well, not ruminate, or love unconditionally.

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Back from vacation…

…and what an amazing time it was. I am working on an article outlining the whole trip, hopefully will be up in a day or two.

Seems there was quite a bit of action with the “article swap”. Has everyone received their topics yet? If so, have any articles been posted yet?

I did receive my guest writers article and it’s great, can’t wait to post it. Still waiting for my topic though, hint hint. I was kind of hoping that everyone would have the articles done by the end of November, probably should have specified something like that. Anyway… let’s gauge where we’re all at so we can move this along and see what comes of this little experiment… glad you are all involved!!!

Introducing a new contributor to Precious Metal

As you all know, and I’ve mentioned before, time is not my best friend right now. So I began a search for a new contributor and received a promising response. I was hoping to hear from someone who has similar interests as far as the core of this blog goes, and I was lucky to have found that person. This person, like myself, is relatively new to the Buddhist practice. So as we both evolve in our lives this blog will hopefully follow suit. So I’d like to introduce to you Precious Metal’s newest (and first besides myself) contributor, Todd Schaffer.

Thanks Nathan I hope I can be an asset to your blog.

I’ve basically been studying Buddhism for several years and find myself drawn to the new teachers including Noah Levine (author of Dharma Punx and Against The Stream) and also Calvin Malone (author of Razor Wire Dharma). I work for a library in Florida where I teach computer classes and assist patrons with their computer issues. Recently, due to the economy, lots of my time has been taken up assisting people in filing for unemployment and also immigration issues. I like to breed snakes as a hobby. I have no children, but have three dogs.

As you see, Todd seems like the perfect fit here, and I look forward to the direction this blog will continue to go in. I hope you all welcome him warmly as I have. Thanks for coming on board Todd!