Article Swap Pt. 3 Pairings Announced!!!

***UPDATE… Pushing the date back to April 9th, seem a few people haven’t been in touch with one another, this weill give them another week… so make sure your article is to your pair by the 9th of April please so it can be posted on April 9th***

So here’s the deal. The owner of the blog that is hosting the guest article will choose the topic for the guest author, just like we did in the first article swap. It seems to be a little less confusing that way, I think….

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Article Swap Pt. 3?!?

I was thinking of getting something going for the beginning of April. Hoping to revert back to the format of the first article swap, where a partner is picked and than that partner chooses the topic you would write for their blog. Who’s down for it this time? Would love to hear some new voices!!

Will announce in another post for sign-ups, just trying to gauge the interest on this round….

Why I Blog, by Richard

Ed. Note:This post is a guest article via the second Buddhist blog swap. The article was written by Richard over at My Buddha Is Pink. I am very excited to have this article featured here and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fire most often conjures images of destruction. But there are species that depend on fire for life. In the Great Lakes region, jack pine is such a species that depends on fire to continue its existence. Cones from jack pine are so densely covered with resin that the seeds within can remain viable for many years. The trees also hold on to the cones rather than dropping them cyclically as other pine species do.

If a fire doesn’t periodically sweep through a stand of jack pine, the trees are overwhelmed by other species and eventually die out. But when a wildfire spreads through the stand, the intense heat burns away the resin from the cones. Afterward, the cones open, the seeds drop out onto the scorched soil, which is now in perfect condition for germination.

Life arises from destruction.

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Sustaining Practice

When Nate suggested I write about sustaining practice, I thought it would be pretty much a no-brainer. Then I started thinking, which is never a good thing because my mind can put an Escher drawing to shame. And that, in a nutshell, is what derails my practice: I start to believe what I think.

For all practitioners, practice is a challenge. Sustaining practice is just that: meeting the challenge of practicing. From a psychological perspective, sustaining any activity is simple – theoretically. Find what reinforces the behaviour and apply generously. It boils down to a simple creed: Create intention, pay attention. From that, right action follows – mostly. Full disclosure is required here: it doesn’t work for me at the formal level of practice. I can no more sit religiously than I can run, work out, eat well, not ruminate, or love unconditionally.

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Back from vacation…

…and what an amazing time it was. I am working on an article outlining the whole trip, hopefully will be up in a day or two.

Seems there was quite a bit of action with the “article swap”. Has everyone received their topics yet? If so, have any articles been posted yet?

I did receive my guest writers article and it’s great, can’t wait to post it. Still waiting for my topic though, hint hint. I was kind of hoping that everyone would have the articles done by the end of November, probably should have specified something like that. Anyway… let’s gauge where we’re all at so we can move this along and see what comes of this little experiment… glad you are all involved!!!