Pets are not commodities.

Ed. Note – Thank you Sarah, aka @_karmadorje from Twitter, for this heartfelt and researched article. I had asked her to write about puppy farming after seeing numerous posts from her on Twitter about the subject. While I didn’t know much about it, I felt it would help to have someone write about it that did know something about it. I do know this, when I was looking for my dog, our intention was not to buy from a store. We adopted her from some people who got in over there heads, like so many other’s that don’t realize how big the responsibility is. Again, thanks Sarah, great job!

Nate very kindly invited me to write a post for his blog on why we should think twice about buying pets from pet shops. I thank Nate for giving me this opportunity to write about something that most people know about, but ignore.

Why do we ignore it? I think it’s because the subject is distressing & somehow too big to become involved. Also because unless you do a Google search, there isn’t much written in the public arena about puppy & kitten farming. Occasionally there may be something in the Sunday papers, but if you are like me, you skim the page before moving on because the story is generally distressing, the stuff of nightmares. Even less discussed is the horrific numbers of healthy, but unwanted cats & dogs which are euthanized each year.

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Tigers at Thai Temple Drugged Up or Loved Up?

Ed. Note- I’ve had a video up about this in the videos section for a while, but have posted it at the bottom of this article as well. I think the conservationists in this story have it all wrong, these animals love where they are and are taken care of.

From ABC News

Deep in the heart of Western Thailand, where the River Kwai weaves through the rich green jungle, the monks of the Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua Temple are beginning their day.

They walk through the town and collect alms from the locals. But back at the temple for breakfast and prayers, it’s clear that this Buddhist monastery is like no other, for this handful of monks live with some of the deadliest animals in the world.

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