Thanksgiving 2007

The things I am thankful for are…

• My wife Leah, the most wonderful, beautiful and understanding wife on the planet (sorry guys)
• My children Xena, Alex and soon to be born, Colin
• My mother, father, brothers (Mike, Andre and Seth), sister (Samara), my niece (Kyla) and nephew (Blake)
• My friends (would be a long list, you all know who you are)
• My boss Sean at Pilotage Inc. for giving me the opportunity to become part of his growing creative group
• My bud Rod at the Worst Horse for pushing me in a direction that got me to start this blog
• Siddhartha Guatama for leaving a path behind that we can all follow to be good to one another and help end the suffering of the world
• All the people I’ve met and encountered in this life, whether they’ve realized it or not, you’ve taught me lessons more valuable than gold
• The men and women in uniform, who are fighting for this country, wherever they may be. Politics aside, these soldiers are doing a job our government gave them to do, whether they agreed with it or not.
• Jim Calvin of the Cape Cod Zen Center for allowing our Dharma Punx group to meet at his sangha, I bow to you humbly
• For the members of our Dharma Punx group here on Cape Cod. Laura, Greta, Anna… thank you
• To you the readers, who continue to come back and read the babble that I put out.

May you all be well.

A True Act Of Selflessness!

By JOHN HUSTON Staff Writer Sunt Times Newsgroup

While other people are giving thanks, Anna Raisor will just be giving.

The Oak Park mother of two has worked for 30 years at PepsiCo. The company is rewarding her service by giving her $3,000 to spend on Thanksgiving dinner.

“I was like, ‘All right, do I do my family’s Thanksgiving? Do I take my coworkers out and drink all these expensive things?'” she pondered.
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