Youth in Buddhism

From Sri Lankan Sunday Observer – ‘Youth are foundations of human beings,’ Buddha declared twenty five hundred years ago. At present, we also say that youth are the pillars of a nation and in a similar vein, Buddhist youth are the pillars of Buddhism.

Nevertheless, the questions are hanging in the air in every society whether we have done enough for the benefit of youth? How to develop youth resources to be an efficient force of the society? And how to solve the youth problem in every society?

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Maximum Affection

Not sure how I happened on this blog, but I found a particular posting there really inspiring. I am glad to repost it and drop a link to The Daddy Factory.

I had the good fortune to see Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, at an event recently. He was receiving an honorary doctorate from a local college and I was an unlikely recipient of a ticket. A friend of mine — who, unlike myself, has actually practiced Buddhism — said, upon hearing this: “I pulled every possible string and pressed every Buddhist connection I have. How did you manage to do that?”“Karma?”

He didn’t think that was funny.
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