India’s ‘pink’ vigilante women

By Soutik Biswas – BBC News, Banda

They wear pink saris and go after corrupt officials and boorish men with sticks and axes.
The several hundred vigilante women of India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state’s Banda area Gulabi Gangproudly call themselves the “gulabi gang” (pink gang), striking fear in the hearts of wrongdoers and earning the grudging respect of officials.
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Donating food while gaining knowlege?

My daughter Xena just told me about this great website. Her and her classmates go on it at school. It is called Basically, they ask you questions, mainly vocabulary, and for every answer they donate 10 grains of rice. Every 100 grains is a bowl. It took me less than a couple minutes to get one bowl donated, and I’m going back as soon as I am done posting this.

So touch up on your vocab for a good cause, you know you want to! Tell you what, give me the definition of inveterate and you don’t have to go alright? In case you missed it, I said

What defines “poor”?

So, recently I’ve been thinking alot of the financial difficulties my family is facing. It seems that every time we get ahead, we fall even farther back. Although I’ve tried to remain optimistic, it is very difficult. And than I saw this.

When facing poverty
Making the best of bad situations
First of all, ask yourself if you are really poor. Having less than others does not necessarily mean you are poor. A number of people feel poor because they compare themselves with others despite the fact that they already have everything they need. You may not own a car or a house but look again, you already have a lot of comforts in life, don’t you?

As soon as you feel contented or satisfied with what you have you will no longer feel poor and miserable.
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