Mind over Chocolate: Embedded Marketing?

From Time
By Alana B. Elias Kornfeld

Move over, organic, fair trade and free range–the latest in enlightened edibles is here: food with “embedded” positive intentions. While the idea isn’t new–cultures like the Navajo have been doing it for centuries–for-profit companies in the U.S. and Canada are catching on, infusing products with good vibes through meditation, prayer and even music. Since 2006, California company H2Om has sold water infused with wishes for “love,” “joy” and “perfect health” via the words, symbols and colors on the label (which “create a specific vibratory frequency,” according to co-founder Sandy Fox) and the restorative music played at their bottling warehouse. At Creo Mundi, a Canadian maker of protein powder, employees gather around each shipment and state aloud the benefits they hope to imbue it with for their consumers–increased performance, balance and vitality. Intentional Chocolate, founded in 2007 by chocolatier Jim Walsh, uses a special recording device to capture the electromagnetic brain waves of meditating Tibetan monks; Walsh then exposes his confections to the recording for five days per batch.

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Thought Provoking Marketing via Hyundai

More and more we are seeing commercials on TV that are trying to send out messages that not only make sense, but make us think a bit. One company I think is setting the bar is Hyundai. While I don’t own a Hyundai, I can appreciate what they are doing. So, below are a few of the commercials they’ve currently been running.

Commitment (Amazing commercial)

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Can Marketers Learn From Buddhists?

By Mike Moran at Biznology

Yesterday, as part of National Education Week, I audited several classes at my daughter’s high school. One of them, Non-Western Philosophy (yeah, high school has changed in the last 30 years), was starting a two-week study of Buddhism, starting with the life of the Buddha himself. It was the last place I’d have expected to be reminded of Internet marketing, but I was (maybe because I have a one-track mind).
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