Mormons well-served by self-reliance in hard times

Reading this at this time in our history, I can only agree that we all need to be more self reliant and also look at the ones that are less prepared than we are for the current times. A few years ago my area was struck by several major hurricanes. I was okay and prepared. I looked out for others in my area that needed help and did my best to assist them. I worked with the county to go to a local retirement community. We went door to door and checked on each resident. Most seemed, okay they were assisting the ones less able to care for themselves.

Whether it is time of natural disasters or man made economic ones, the ones that are prepared should look to the ones that are not and offer assistance.

Choose your friend

From Sri Lanka Sunday Observer – Good friends will never ask “why” or say “I told you so”, when ever their friends get it into trouble. What matters most is to get that person out of danger or easing their pain. Types of friends vary and do not take the same image, as we expect.

Buddhist teaching has identified four types of bad friends and four types of good friends. Annadaththuhara is the type of friend who always associate with friends for personal gain.

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Families learn about loving kindness at Om Kids class

From Summit Daily News – On the third Sunday of the month beginning this month, families with children ages 4-11 will have a place to go chill out … so to speak.

Meditation on loving kindness begins and ends the meetings of the Om Kids, from the Summit Dharma Center. In between are activities focused on the specific intention of the curriculum.

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