Secret Agent L: Mission, Random Acts of Kindness

From CNN

For the past year, Laura Miller has been living a double life of sorts: administrative assistant by day, secret agent of kindness by night.

The 32-year-old Duquesne University employee only recently revealed herself as the woman behind “Secret Agent L,” a giver of random acts of kindness that has been brightening the days of unsuspecting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, residents since July 2009.

The project began, Miller says, with the birthday of one of her blog readers who had become a close friend. But instead of asking for the latest book on the best-seller list or an iTunes gift card, the friend suggested Miller perform an act of kindness in her name.

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Mormons well-served by self-reliance in hard times

Reading this at this time in our history, I can only agree that we all need to be more self reliant and also look at the ones that are less prepared than we are for the current times. A few years ago my area was struck by several major hurricanes. I was okay and prepared. I looked out for others in my area that needed help and did my best to assist them. I worked with the county to go to a local retirement community. We went door to door and checked on each resident. Most seemed, okay they were assisting the ones less able to care for themselves.

Whether it is time of natural disasters or man made economic ones, the ones that are prepared should look to the ones that are not and offer assistance.

Singing nun raises money for Nepal

From Reuters – Buddhist nun, Ani Choying Dolma, a 37-year-old Tibetan-Nepali known as Nepal’s “singing nun”, has soared to global fame with her eight albums of Tibetan and Sanskrit meditation songs.

The income from her CD sales has helped Dolma build the Arya Tara School, which has 58 students drawn from poor Nepali families, including some from neighbouring India and Tibet. Dolma wants to set up a kidney transplantation hospital in Kathmandu in the memory of her mother, who died of kidney problems.

With audiences across Europe, Asia and the United States and more concerts planned in Germany this year, Ani might just achieve her dream.

Monks in town to size up the sole

From The Union – For the eighth straight year, monks from the Gaden Shartse monastery in southern India are visiting Grass Valley as part of their annual U.S. tour.

And once again, local supporters are donating generously.

The monks raise from $20,000 to $35,000 each year in cash and check donations from the community, estimated Joseph Guida, founder of the local Sierra Friends of Tibet.
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Donating food while gaining knowlege?

My daughter Xena just told me about this great website. Her and her classmates go on it at school. It is called Basically, they ask you questions, mainly vocabulary, and for every answer they donate 10 grains of rice. Every 100 grains is a bowl. It took me less than a couple minutes to get one bowl donated, and I’m going back as soon as I am done posting this.

So touch up on your vocab for a good cause, you know you want to! Tell you what, give me the definition of inveterate and you don’t have to go alright? In case you missed it, I said

A True Act Of Selflessness!

By JOHN HUSTON Staff Writer Sunt Times Newsgroup

While other people are giving thanks, Anna Raisor will just be giving.

The Oak Park mother of two has worked for 30 years at PepsiCo. The company is rewarding her service by giving her $3,000 to spend on Thanksgiving dinner.

“I was like, ‘All right, do I do my family’s Thanksgiving? Do I take my coworkers out and drink all these expensive things?'” she pondered.
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Heroes in the Making


Many people in Acadiana have decided to give the gift of life by donating organs. In fact, over the last ten years, the number of people deciding to donate has doubled. Unfortunately, the list of people waiting for tranplants continues to grow. Tonight, KATC’s David D’Aquin begins an in-depth look at organ donation.

We’ve all dealt with death, and losing someone we care about. And it’s hard to think of life at the same time, but, by becoming organ donors, many people are doing just that. “19 people in this country die every day, waiting. Every day,” explains Libbie Harrison, who works with LOPA.
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