Mormons well-served by self-reliance in hard times

Reading this at this time in our history, I can only agree that we all need to be more self reliant and also look at the ones that are less prepared than we are for the current times. A few years ago my area was struck by several major hurricanes. I was okay and prepared. I looked out for others in my area that needed help and did my best to assist them. I worked with the county to go to a local retirement community. We went door to door and checked on each resident. Most seemed, okay they were assisting the ones less able to care for themselves.

Whether it is time of natural disasters or man made economic ones, the ones that are prepared should look to the ones that are not and offer assistance.

Japanese monk sings rap to bring Buddhism to youth

From Tajikistan News – A Japanese Buddhist monk is getting down with rap music. Kansho Tagai, aka Happiness Kansho or Mr Happiness, learned to rap at the age of 47, and is doing a pretty good job of opening the religious doors to young fans.

‘I came to this world to help you out of suffering. My name is Shaka Munibutsu (Gautama Siddhartha). Say baby, listen to me. Everyone’s my cute baby. I’m here to help you out of suffering and pain,’ Mr Happiness, the shaven-headed chief monk of Tokyo’s Kyooji temple, raps blending Japanese and English phrases.

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Youth in Buddhism

From Sri Lankan Sunday Observer – ‘Youth are foundations of human beings,’ Buddha declared twenty five hundred years ago. At present, we also say that youth are the pillars of a nation and in a similar vein, Buddhist youth are the pillars of Buddhism.

Nevertheless, the questions are hanging in the air in every society whether we have done enough for the benefit of youth? How to develop youth resources to be an efficient force of the society? And how to solve the youth problem in every society?

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Oreo Mandala!?!

Another night, voyaging around the internet via YouTube I stumbled on the video below. I was searching for old news coverage of Thich Quang Duc, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk who immolated himself in protest of the events leading to the Vietnam War. I have another piece in the works about that though, so back to the topic here…

There is this video of a guy who created a photographic likeness of Thich Quang Duc, hence the reason I found this video. The piece of art was created using cookies, Oreo’s to be exact. Silly? Yes. Amazing? Yes, seriously! It took roughly 20 hours and 1,887 Oreo cookies and measured 8 feet by 10 feet.
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Living like monks for two weeks

From The Star Online – Every year a group of people who want to experience the ascetic life of monks spend two weeks doing just that at the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

These individuals, ranging from secondary school children to grandfathers, are participants of the temple’s annual Novitiate Programme which has been around since 1975.
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What is a “Karmacino”?

I got an e-mail today announcing the launch of a new site. At first I was thinking, why do we need more social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc.

But I was wrong, this is not another social networking site but a social “bookmarking” site. What does that mean, well it’s kind of like the site Digg. You submit news that you think others would like to read and rate other articles. The thing that makes this one different is the fact it is strictly a “Buddhist News” bookmarking site. I’ve already registered and checked it out. It’s in it’s infancy but might be worth checking into. Here’s a brief description of the site from the site itself…
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Buddhists worry about ‘noisy’ bar

From The BBC – A Buddhist centre in Nottingham has sent a petition to the city council opposing a new bar because noise may interrupt meditation classes.

The centre said it could be forced to relocate if the licence was granted for the bar on St Mary’s Gate.

But the bar’s managing director David Caddick said “impact from the premises will be negligible”.
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Tagged by ZenFrog!

I have been tagged by ZenFrog over at I dropped by his blog to check him out and his blog is full of valuable wisdom. I figured why not give this game a try and see how it works. The rules are simple….

• Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random or weird things about yourself.
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