Tibetan exiles barred from handing protest petition to Chinese embassy in New Delhi

Ed. Note – Remember the post “Stand With Tibet” that mentioned the petition on the Avaaz site? Well seems like nearly 1.5 million people around the globe stood in solidarity with Tibet and signed it. Unfortunatly, I’m not sure if it’ll ever make it to the end person that the petition was meant for.

From Associated Press – Indian police barred several hundred Tibetans from marching Monday to the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, where they planned to submit more than 1.4 million names from an Internet petition calling on China to act with restraint in Tibet.

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India’s Soccer Captain Refuses to Carry Olympic Torch

From Reuters – Indian soccer captain Bhaichung Bhutia has refused to carry the Olympic torch this month in protest against China’s response to the recent unrest in Tibet, an Olympic official said on Tuesday. The player has informed the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) that he will not be part of the relay in India’s capital New Delhi on April 17, the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Bhutia, a Buddhist, comes from the northeastern state of Sikkim bordering China which has a significant Buddhist minority population.

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From the Canby Herald – The journey of Lobang Yeshi began with one step, then another and another. Two-and-a-half months of walking across his native Tibet toward Nepal to escape Chinese oppression and find freedom to practice Buddhism.

The journey that he began in 1989 has now carried him on his first visit to the United States and a stay in Canby as party of a fundraising tour by a group of Buddhist monks from Gaden Shartse Monastery in southern India.

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Protests mark Nitish’s visit to Nalanda

From Times Of India – Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar was showered with clods, slippers and brick stones by a section of displaced farmers at the site of his dream Nalanda International University project here on Friday.

The incident occurred after former President A P J Abdul Kalam, who has been appointed Visitor to the university by the Bihar government, held a meeting here with Nitish and officials concerned about the project.
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Declining Trend Of Vihara Culture In Kathmandu

From The Rising Nepal – The demise of Buddhist Culture in East and North India after the eighth and ninth century AD came as a shock to the adherents and sympathizers alike in the subcontinent. It was a time when the Hindu state of Nepal had strong Buddhist base of both the tradition oriented Theravada and the more ritualistically oriented Mahayana sects. The Licchavi rulers like Siva Deva, his grandson Narendra Deva and their successors had upheld the tradition of protecting the faith through the works of charity and commitment. Many viharas were constructed for the monks, nuns and practitioners. In the so-called ‘Thakuri’ (also known as early medieval) period one normally finds the continuation of the Vihara culture. The frequently used term in the contemporary inscriptions ‘�. samskaarita vihara �’ against the name of the rulers of the period can be construed as a ‘renovated and/or consecrated’ monastic complex. Even at a time when the general polity of the period seems at a low ebb in terms of national unity, integrity and consolidation, both the Hindu and the Buddhist cultures flourished well indicating that people, not the rulers, are the real architect and saviors of a culture.
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Hundreds protest facelift for Buddhist holy town

From The India Gazette – Fearing displacement and loss of livelihood if the government’s master plan for Bihar’s Buddhist holy town of Bodh Gaya is implemented, hundreds took out a silent march to protest the proposed facelift of the town that is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Several business organisations, hotel associations, travel agencies, footpath traders union and several other trader organisations took out the march Tuesday hours before Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the eighth Buddha Mahotsav in Bodh Gaya.
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Thai politicians seek spiritual escape in Indian Buddhist shrines

From NewKarala.com – Senior Thai politicians, including a top coup leader, have visited historic Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India to seek spiritual solace from the political troubles at home.

The Thai Bodh Gaya temple in Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh is the main pilgrimage site for Thai political personalities, some of them spending time ordained as monks and performing menial tasks, the Bangkok Post reported.
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