Local Hero featured on CNN

Cape Cod Time – Joan McDowell learned long ago her son never wanted anything for himself after joining the Army 26 years ago.

It was no different earlier this year, when James McDowell asked his parents, who live in South Dennis, for school supplies he could give to children in Afghanistan.

Before that, the Army paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division wanted shoes to give to Iraqi children during his service there.
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Boy from California nominated for Hero award!

IRVINE, California – Nine-year-old Zach Bonner from Valrico is one of 10 top hometown youth heroes from across the country being recognized in the 6th Annual Volvo for life Awards. Bonner is a semifinalist in Volvo’s national search for, and celebration of, hometown heroes and with enough votes, he could be in the running to win up to a $25,000 charitable contribution.
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Heroes in the Making

from katc.com

Many people in Acadiana have decided to give the gift of life by donating organs. In fact, over the last ten years, the number of people deciding to donate has doubled. Unfortunately, the list of people waiting for tranplants continues to grow. Tonight, KATC’s David D’Aquin begins an in-depth look at organ donation.

We’ve all dealt with death, and losing someone we care about. And it’s hard to think of life at the same time, but, by becoming organ donors, many people are doing just that. “19 people in this country die every day, waiting. Every day,” explains Libbie Harrison, who works with LOPA.
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Inspiring news article…

…sent in by a friend named Kevin Churchill. He sent it to me via e-mail and I thought it would be great to share with you. Thanks Kevin for sending it to me.

And hey, if you hear of some “inspiring” or “heroic” story in your hometown, school or wherever, I’d love to hear about it and post it here. Just e-mail it to me!

Pink’s just fine
Students tell bully to back off with showy support
by Sara Keddy/Kings County Register

A new Grade 9 student got a hard – and then great – start to his school years at Central Kings.

Wearing a pink polo-style shirt on the first day Sept. 5, he attracted the attention of bullies.

On the second day, they threatened to beat him up.
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Compassion in Action

I try my best to point out the best in people, and who better to give proper credit to than my wife. Not only is she a great wife (and beautiful as the sun setting over Cape Cod Bay), great mother and friend, she is also a great and compassionate person. Last night she had a story to tell me when she got home from work.

A co-worker asked her to go to the front of the restaurant, while she went to get a manager for something. When she got to the front of the restaurant a woman was standing there. My wife asked her if someone had helped her and if she needed to be seated. The woman said the other girl, the co-worker, was going to get the manager and she had something to ask him.
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Dirty Money? (Part 2)

It seems that the guy leaving bundles of money and inspirational messages in Japan has struck again. He has left bundles of cash, wrapped in a very similar way as his first campaign on public toilets, but this time in people’s mailboxes.

It has spooked some people, wondering whether or not the money was real or not. But after checking, all of them found the money to be real. For whatever reason these people have been making calls to the police to report it. As if the guy is a criminal or something, why call the cops?
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Oscar the Bodhisattva?

I read an interesting article this morning on CNN (the link is provided at the bottom). In Providence, Rhode Island there is a nursing home, Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, that houses a cat in it’s dementia ward. The cat, Oscar, has a very bizarre connection with the coming of death for the patients in the nursing home.

So far there have been roughly 25 cases in which Oscar has gone into a patients room, laid down on their bed (curling up with them as well) and waited for their death. It seems he knows when they are going to pass, and they usually do.
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Dirty Money

Occasionally you hear of random acts of kindness. From the simple things like helping an older person cross the street, maybe a community fund raiser for homelessness or even simpler, holding a door open for someone with full hands at the grocery store. But I was baffled this morning to stumble onto the article below.

Seems like someone, noone knows who yet, has gone around various locations in Tokyo, Japan and left bundles of cash. Each amounting to roughly $82 in US money (or 10,000 yen). The really strange thing is the location of these bundles. They have mainly been found in public toilets, yes toilets. Talk about dirty money eh? Sorry, that was a ridiculous pun but I thought it was funny (at first).
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Man fired for saving a womans life

Well, as if things can’t get any worse… News out of Jacksonville, FL is that a young man, 24 year old Colin Bruley, is a hero. And what a story folks. At about 2am on a Tuesday morning, Colin hears a woman yelling for help and that she’d been shot. What does any compassionate, caring person do? They go and help, which Colin did. On his way out of his apartment he grabs a shotgun which he uses for hunting.

He gets to the scene, assesses the situation and starts helping the woman. He has received CPR training as well as basic life saving training. He grabs a tourniquet, raps it around the womans leg to stop the bleeding, while another neighbor calls an ambulance. While this is going on noone knows where the shooter went, for all they knew he could pop out of nowhere and unload on them. But, he risks it (his life that is) to come to the aid of someone in need. Luckily the shooter does not re-enter and Colin is able to keep the woman stable enough until the paramedics arrive and take the woman to the hospital.
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