My vacation and the creation of simplicity

I had these grandiose plans for my three weeks off from the county. The problem is, I had to many plans. SO I fell into a week of procrastination. I had plans to work out quit smoking. But those plans were derailed when I talked myself into doing Thanksgiving.

I have this problem, it seems I try to grasp a thousand straws and slowly the fall through my fingers. I could grab just a few, but I try to do it all and end up getting little done. I over analyze things and then make them bigger than they need to be. SO I have read a few articles By Leo Babauta. He has some books for download and also one I checked out from the library. He mentions to pick one thing to do each month and then work on that one thing. Once that has been accomplished, move onto the next. I procrastinated going to the local Buddhist Temple and now they are closed for renovation for 5 months. SO I looked to my next project. Doing a little work around the house. Going home I was a little disappointed that the temple had closed, yet I had procrastinated again. I found a guy that was selling fruit trees from his house. We spoke briefly and he said he was leaving the country for a mission trip and might not be back. Remembering what happened with the temple, I made a date to come to his house on Monday and pick up a few trees for my backyard.

Monday was hectic, but I knew I had those plans. So after a few trips to run errands I made two visits to his house and got 3 papaya trees and also another two fruit trees. Cost 12 dollars. I gave him 15 and told him to be careful on his trip.

I spent a few minutes this morning writing this blog on Google documents. And now I have some trees to plant and a car to wash. Have a great Turkey day. I am going to quit smoking December first. I am putting it out there so I can have someone call me on it.     – Todd

Side note. I thought the food trees would help bring fresh fruit into my house. And help with a better diet.

China firm cans toxic tinned meat

From the BBC – One of China’s best-known food companies has halted exports of all tinned food, after toxic chemicals were found in canned meat products.

Food safety officials in Hong Kong have discovered a banned antibiotic, nitrofurans, in tins of Maling brand pork luncheon meat and pork ribs.

It is the latest scare over the safety of Chinese exports.
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Zen priest raises bread to another level

Los Angeles Times – “How to Cook Your Life” is an unexpectedly charming and enlightening film, a documentary that makes the most of the intersection of Zen Buddhism and cooking in the life of Edward Espe Brown.

A Zen priest and chef, Brown is best known as the author of 1970’s landmark “The Tassajara Bread Book,” a book that introduced an entire generation to the joys of baking. German director Doris Dörrie took a cooking class from Brown and was captivated enough to want to film his thoughts on connecting the way you cook food with the way you live your life. It was an inspired idea. For besides being an artist with bread, Brown turns out to be a great raconteur with a puckish sense of humor and a sly look in his eye who couldn’t be more of a treat to hang out with.
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Donating food while gaining knowlege?

My daughter Xena just told me about this great website. Her and her classmates go on it at school. It is called Basically, they ask you questions, mainly vocabulary, and for every answer they donate 10 grains of rice. Every 100 grains is a bowl. It took me less than a couple minutes to get one bowl donated, and I’m going back as soon as I am done posting this.

So touch up on your vocab for a good cause, you know you want to! Tell you what, give me the definition of inveterate and you don’t have to go alright? In case you missed it, I said