My vacation and the creation of simplicity

I had these grandiose plans for my three weeks off from the county. The problem is, I had to many plans. SO I fell into a week of procrastination. I had plans to work out quit smoking. But those plans were derailed when I talked myself into doing Thanksgiving.

I have this problem, it seems I try to grasp a thousand straws and slowly the fall through my fingers. I could grab just a few, but I try to do it all and end up getting little done. I over analyze things and then make them bigger than they need to be. SO I have read a few articles By Leo Babauta. He has some books for download and also one I checked out from the library. He mentions to pick one thing to do each month and then work on that one thing. Once that has been accomplished, move onto the next. I procrastinated going to the local Buddhist Temple and now they are closed for renovation for 5 months. SO I looked to my next project. Doing a little work around the house. Going home I was a little disappointed that the temple had closed, yet I had procrastinated again. I found a guy that was selling fruit trees from his house. We spoke briefly and he said he was leaving the country for a mission trip and might not be back. Remembering what happened with the temple, I made a date to come to his house on Monday and pick up a few trees for my backyard.

Monday was hectic, but I knew I had those plans. So after a few trips to run errands I made two visits to his house and got 3 papaya trees and also another two fruit trees. Cost 12 dollars. I gave him 15 and told him to be careful on his trip.

I spent a few minutes this morning writing this blog on Google documents. And now I have some trees to plant and a car to wash. Have a great Turkey day. I am going to quit smoking December first. I am putting it out there so I can have someone call me on it.     – Todd

Side note. I thought the food trees would help bring fresh fruit into my house. And help with a better diet.

Shedding Skin

nullI have a few snakes and they shed their skin occasionally as they grow. I always wished I could shed my skin have a fresh start as it were. Remove all the parasites the scars, the blemishes. Where snakes have that luxury, we as a whole do not. But, no matter how many times they shed they are still snakes. They can’t change the internal by shedding off their external epidermis.

Recently I have been having issues at work and my family has needed more than usual. I was used to being a loner of sorts. We would all get together and have dinner or drinks. But we kind of all proceeded in a steady fashion.

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Temple’s youth group weaves Buddhism and drumming

From Today’s Local News
By Lyn Berry

At an age when many teens march rebelliously to the beat of their own drum, the junior members of Vista Buddhist Temple’s Shokenji Taiko group work together to keep pace with each other and their lead drummer.

For many, the experience is a family affair. Such is the case of Katie Omori, 15, and her brother, Kurtis, 14, who drum with their parents, Ford and Terri Omori of Vista. For all, the experience is a spiritual quest as well as a physical effort and mental exercise.

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Opening a window to a culture unlike that in U.S.

From Portland Press Herald – Jaed Coffin’s childhood in Brunswick was typical of his peers but with one big difference: His mother was an ethnic Thai woman who’d married his American father during the Vietnam War.

That fact may not seem terribly significant at first. Coffin’s mother, a nurse and single mom during her son’s growing up years in the 1980s and 1990s, didn’t teach Jaed or his older sister the Thai language, or raise them to be Buddhists. Coffin excelled in school, then went to Middlebury College to study philosophy.

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Families learn about loving kindness at Om Kids class

From Summit Daily News – On the third Sunday of the month beginning this month, families with children ages 4-11 will have a place to go chill out … so to speak.

Meditation on loving kindness begins and ends the meetings of the Om Kids, from the Summit Dharma Center. In between are activities focused on the specific intention of the curriculum.

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Community says prayers for children

From The Press Register – Chanting and incense smoke were in the air at the Chanh Giac Buddhist temple Thursday as Vietnamese families prayed for four children who police say were killed Monday by their father.

Many in the Bayou’s Vietnamese community — a third of the population here is Asian-American — said Thursday that they believe Lam Luong lied out of fear when he confessed to tossing the children off the Dauphin Island Bridge.
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Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee Beans

Ed. Note – This little story came across my e-mail. The author is unknown at this point, so if you read it and it’s yours let me know please. Either way though, it’s a great read and I really wanted to post it so here it is, hope you all like it.

Author Unknown – Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn’t know how she was going to make it.

She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed.
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Businessman Helps Family, Others with Phone Calls From Santa Idea

Hickory, NC -( A Hickory, North Carolina man refuses to become just another statistic in his city’s high jobless rate. Determination, an enterprising spirit, and the desire to help others while helping his family encouraged Brian Keller to become his childhood hero: Santa Claus–at least on the telephone.

Keller, who is self-employed, decided to start the seasonal business of making calls to children as Santa Claus after traditional employment prospects in his town, rated by Forbes magazine as one of the worst places in the country to find jobs, seemed bleak.
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