Your Thoughts: House Episode “The Tyrant”

Ed. Note- If you are a House fan and have not seen this episode, there are spoilers here so do not read on if you plan on watching it.

My wife and I are fans of the TV show House, I’m sure more than a few of you have watched it and or are hooked.

Tonight’s episode “The Tyrant” had James Earl Jones playing the role of a character very reminiscent of the President of Darfur, Omar al-Bashir. In this episode, the character gets sick and is admitted to the hospital obviously where the show takes place. He is treated for multiple things, as is the case with every show, until they think they get the diagnoses correct, but he dies.

Some of the main characters in House, Cameron and Chase, air their thoughts to one another about how this man should be treated, ethically by the medical oath they took, or based on their morality. Like the real life president of Darfur, this man and his administration are committing severe acts of genocide. Chase believes they are to do the job they have chosen, and heal the man, regardless of his inadequacies in being a compassionate human being. Cameron has a hard time doing the job, but does it none the less.

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Taking Comfort In Suffering

A few posts back I mentioned a co-worker that became a teacher. He recently sent me the gift of Netflix free for a month. I love it! I’ve canceled my movie channels and use Netflix and Xbox live for streaming movies along with the famous red envelopes. How does this apply to Precious Metal? I was finally able to see the Meditate & Destroy DVD because Netflix offers it. See Nate’s review by clicking here.

Something Noah pointed out on the DVD is that we take comfort in our suffering. His example was how abused children will cry when they are taken from abusive parents. The child was treated terribly but he finds comfort with his parents, even though they cause him pain. It sounded crazy at first but then I realized I’m living that life right now. No, I’m not abusing a child. I’m taking comfort in my suffering.

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The tales of ‘The Buddha’ have a calming effect

From The Boston Globe

A worn, comfy red armchair sits in the stage area of the Boston Center for the Arts Black Box Theatre, surrounded by a clutter of books about Buddhism and meditation. Behind this homey scene hang four panels covered neatly with pages that look like they could be from the collection of stories and teachings of the Buddha. Production designer Nikki Black has the panels run down to the floor and underneath the piles of books and the chair, creating the feeling that the audience and the performer are embraced by the Buddha’s stories and their simple wisdom.

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Beckhams turn to Buddhism??

From News 24

Victoria and David Beckham have turned to Buddhism.

The couple – who live in Los Angeles with their three sons – have reportedly “embraced” the mystical religion and are now chanting every morning in a bid to help them deal with their hectic lifestyles.

A source said: “David and Victoria have gone completely Californian! David has begun wearing health, prosperity and performance beads around his wrist. He has started yoga and stretching classes after a knee injury, and then a teammate suggested Buddhist chanting to soothe his mind.

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Singer Melody Gardot made her first album lying in bed

From CNN

Melody Gardot took up music as therapy to recover from a near-fatal accident.

Not because she’s incredibly lazy. Hardly. She was recovering from a near-fatal bicycle accident that at age 19 shattered her pelvis and left her with neurological damage. Her doctors suggested turning to music as therapy: So she took up guitar, learning to play on her back because it was too painful to sit up.

Now 23, Gardot’s jazz-inflected major label debut album “Worrisome Heart” has critics and music fans sitting up all over the place. Some call her the new Norah Jones. Gardot prefers to call herself Superwoman.

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Legendary singer returns to stage after 15-year absence from limelight

From the Canadian Press – After a series of “rehearsal shows” in eastern Canada, legendary singer/poet Leonard Cohen is officially kicking off his world tour in Toronto.

The reclusive artist, who was ordained a Buddhist monk during his 15-year absence from the limelight, took the stage Friday night, getting waves of applause from roughly 3,200 fans who filled the Sony Centre.

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Sharon Stone says “Chinese Earthquake due to Karma”? (video)

I was a bit thrown when I read the news on this, and even after I watched the video. But than I sat back, thought about the entire comment and came to the realization that she may have put her foot in her mouth to soon, and should have explained her point before inserting said foot.

She said to a reporter ” I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

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What is a “Karmacino”?

I got an e-mail today announcing the launch of a new site. At first I was thinking, why do we need more social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc.

But I was wrong, this is not another social networking site but a social “bookmarking” site. What does that mean, well it’s kind of like the site Digg. You submit news that you think others would like to read and rate other articles. The thing that makes this one different is the fact it is strictly a “Buddhist News” bookmarking site. I’ve already registered and checked it out. It’s in it’s infancy but might be worth checking into. Here’s a brief description of the site from the site itself…
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