Young Rudd’s fiery art too hot

From Sydney Morning Herald – Melbourne City Council has rejected a controversial painting by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s nephew that depicts the clown Ronald McDonald carrying the Olympic torch past a burning monk.

Van Thanh Rudd, who describes himself as an “artist activist” and lives in Melbourne, submitted the painting for next month’s Ho Chi Minh City exhibition, which will show the lives and work of 10 young artists in Vietnam.

Rudd, 35, son of Kevin Rudd’s brother Malcolm and a Vietnamese mother, Tuoi, was also invited, along with a Melbourne-based Vietnamese artist, to submit works. But Rudd’s painting, prepared especially for the exhibition, was judged to be unsuitable by the organisers.

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Are Rights More Important Thank Olympics?

From Agam’s Gecko – The more basic question is: Where are people allowed to say yes to the first question, and where are they not?Many supporters of fundamental rights for Tibetans are campaigning for the principle that human rights must take precedence, even over such a major event as the Olympics. Some international political figures are already taking this stance, most recently the president of the European Union parliament. But within China, expressing this sentiment is a criminal offence. Apparently, it’s a trick question there.

The Chinese dissident Yang Chunlin was sentenced yesterday to five years in jail after being convicted of subversion. He had helped villagers in northeastern region of China to put together a petition about disputed land rights, which declared: “We don’t want the Olympics, we want human rights.”

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Tibet protesters claim death toll now 140

From CNN – Tibet’s exile government said the death toll from protests in the Himalayan region over the past two weeks has reached about 140, but Chinese government restrictions have made it difficult confirm the number killed.

Chinese authorities have issued a much lower death toll and said most of those killed were “innocent” ethnic Han Chinese targeted by rampaging Tibetans.

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Chine: “the Central Party Committee is the real Buddha for Tibetans.”

From Associated Press – China’s top police official called for stepped-up “patriotic campaigns” in Tibet’s monasteries to boost support for Beijing, state media reported Tuesday, after a deadly clash between protesters and police in the country’s west.

The demonstration in Garze, a prefecture in Sichuan province, started Monday as a peaceful march by monks and nuns, but grew violent when armed police tried to suppress the crowd, which ballooned to about 200 after residents joined in, the Dharmsala, India-based Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy said.

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China puts out its Tibet version

From CNN – With restive Tibetan areas swarming with troops and closed to scrutiny from the outside world, China’s government has turned up efforts to put its own version of the unrest before the international public.

Information barely trickled out of the Tibetan capital Lhasa and other far-flung Tibetan communities, where foreign media were banned and thousands of troops dispatched to quell the most widespread demonstrations against Chinese rule in nearly five decades.

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Inside “merciless” Tibet, An Insiders Diary

From Sunday Express – Disturbing stories of child demonstrators being shot and plans to murder political prisoners has been given to the Sunday Express from inside Tibet. An exiled Tibetan has kept a graphic diary of the atrocities and human rights violations committed by the Chinese authorities as they try to silence dissent in the country. The diarist, known only as Sangay, provided his insight into the daily horrors by talking to his family, friends, and contacts throughout Tibet and nearby parts of China. Yesterday China’s ruling Communist Party vowed to “resolutely crush” any further Tibetan anti-government protests, after the 12-day uprising brought international condemnation for Beijing. It blames supporters of the exiled Dalai Lama for the wave of protests and civil disorder that has paralysed the country. Here are some extracts from Sangay’s diary…

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I’ve finally decided…

…to start deleting comments. I’ve been inundated lately with Pro-Chinese Propagandists, and from here on out I refuse to allow the hate-filled comments to appear on this site. Believe what you want to believe on the Tibetan protest issue, spew that hate on your own blog.

The straight fact of the matter is, for nearly 6 decades the Tibetan culture has been deteriorating at an alarming rate. This is due to many different reasons, you can find them all over the internet. The people in Tibet are very smart to rise up now, while the world might actually pay attention. The attention they are receiving is way overdue as they struggle to keep their customs and lifestyles alive.

I don’t believe a thing the Chinese propaganda machine is putting out on their own, Communist sponsored, television networks. They have censored their own people from seeing the true reality of what’s going on by blocking access to YouTube, not allowing fair and balanced media outlets into the region, etc. The “security” they have in place is called the “Great Firewall Of China” for a reason, it is plainly censorship to the core. Any free society can see this.

Yes, I am definitely not proud of some of the things our government has done in the name of America, but I thank my lucky stars I was born and raised in this country and not a society that doesn’t allow me to think for myself. More to come…