‘Rambo’ Muddies Burma’s Media Message

From Irrawaddy – When Burma’s brave monks took to the streets last September, they knew full well they were creating a media event. As the world’s media turned to Burma, in a spotlight cast by the pall of smoke, cracks of gunfire and amid stories of widespread atrocities, a communications bridge to the world was being built. Here, an opportunity was created to spread the word on Burma and the plight of its people under a brutal dictatorship.

Yet, maintaining a good media profile on a global scale is a delicate balance, one that can go horribly wrong very quickly. Even seemingly favorable “news hooks” can prove damaging if handled poorly. The release of the latest Rambo offering presents such a case in point.

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Bjork backs Tibetan independence during Shanghai concert

From Earth Times – Icelandic pop singer Bjork backed independence for Tibet during her concert on Sunday in Shanghai, eyewitnesses said on Monday. She shouted “Tibet, Tibet!” followed by “Raise your flag!” towards the end of her final song, “Declare independence.”

Her protest apparently went unnoticed by the majority of an estimated 3,000 people at the Shanghai International Gymnastics Centre.

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Paris Hilton turns to Buddhist Monk to find her spiritual self?

This was a HOAX!!!

From London News – It seems like Paris Hilton is trying to shed her party girl image and has turned to a Buddhist Monk to find her spiritual self.

The 27-year-old was spotted with the monk in Los Angeles browsing the shelves of the Bodhi Tree bookstore for spiritual enlightenment books.

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“Beatles’ mystical guru dies”

From CNN – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a guru to the Beatles who introduced the West to transcendental meditation, died Tuesday at his home in the Dutch town of Vlodrop, a spokesman said. He was thought to be 91 years old.

“He died peacefully at about 7 p.m.,” said Bob Roth, a spokesman for the Transcendental Meditation movement that Maharishi founded. He said his death appeared to be due to “natural causes, his age.”
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Courtney Love: Orlando Bloom helped her stay off drugs

From AZ Central – The former Hole singer said she and the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor meet daily to perform Buddhist chants together, which help her stay clean.

Love, 43, said, “We chant every day. The 12-step program demands that you have a spiritual practice that you do daily.
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Farrow headed for showdown in Cambodia

From The West Australian – US actress Mia Farrow appeared on a collision course with Cambodian authorities Saturday after her supporters vowed she would proceed with an anti-China rally at a former Khmer Rouge jail Sunday despite Cambodian government objections.

The 62-year-old’s supporters posted fliers advertising the Dream For Darfur event Friday night.
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Richard Gere – Man of masks

From the Independent News and Media Limited – If ever there were a man of masks, it’s Richard Gere. Long before Brad Pitt started doing a lot of good work for charity, Gere was the quintessential Hollywood stud-turned-humanitarian. A practising Buddhist and a Tibetan ambassador, he’s also the man who married a supermodel and made his career from playing the morally dubious.
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USC hoops signs rapper Lil’ Romeo

In the face of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc, etc… Someone our kids can look up to?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actor/rapper Lil’ Romeo is headed for Southern California to play basketball.

The teenage hip-hop performer and DeMar DeRozan, another local standout, signed national letters of intent to attend USC on Monday at a news conference held at a posh hotel near Beverly Hills.
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