Shedding Skin

nullI have a few snakes and they shed their skin occasionally as they grow. I always wished I could shed my skin have a fresh start as it were. Remove all the parasites the scars, the blemishes. Where snakes have that luxury, we as a whole do not. But, no matter how many times they shed they are still snakes. They can’t change the internal by shedding off their external epidermis.

Recently I have been having issues at work and my family has needed more than usual. I was used to being a loner of sorts. We would all get together and have dinner or drinks. But we kind of all proceeded in a steady fashion.

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Maximum Affection

Not sure how I happened on this blog, but I found a particular posting there really inspiring. I am glad to repost it and drop a link to The Daddy Factory.

I had the good fortune to see Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, at an event recently. He was receiving an honorary doctorate from a local college and I was an unlikely recipient of a ticket. A friend of mine — who, unlike myself, has actually practiced Buddhism — said, upon hearing this: “I pulled every possible string and pressed every Buddhist connection I have. How did you manage to do that?”“Karma?”

He didn’t think that was funny.
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