Book Review: The Tao Of Success

“The Tao Of Success”
Written By Derek Lin
Published By Tarcher/ Penguin

I have little, to no, knowledge of Taoism and will never pretend that I do. I was asked to read and review this book though so I thought it would be a great opportunity to at least have some semblance of an understanding of what the Tao is.

Derek Lin, in “The Tao Of Success”, goes through step by step how one can attain spiritual growth through their study of the Tao. He does so with stories, proverbs and ancient tales. After each one, he breaks them down and teaches how to bring those stories into action. What he’s doing here reminds me a lot of the Jataka Tales and how each has some sort of underlying moral to it.

The chapter I enjoyed the most was the one titled “The Vow Of Silence”. Like I mentioned, after the story Derek broke it down. Some of what he says hit so close to home it’s uncanny that this book came to me at this time.

Like, for example, “When others neglect certain forms of politeness, it is obviously because they are ignorant of good manners. If I neglect certain forms of politeness, it is only because I am down-to earth and not constrained by artificial etiquettes.”

I appreciate what the author has to offer here, and am more than interested in reading his translation of  the Tao Te Ching. His knowledge and insight seems credible, and his words are authentic. This is worth checking out, if not just for the eye opening stories and refined interpretations.

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