Food Review: Qourn Chik’n Patties

I’ve always loved fake chicken patties, for some reason they always tasted better than the “real” thing. Quorn’s Chicken Patty was a bit different though than the usual fake chicken patty, as they do not contain any soy. The texture was not as spongy, and didn’t seem like it was some sort of processed chicken, or fake chicken for that matter. Between the mico-proteins and the wheat proteins there is plenty of texture to sink your teeth into.

The nicely breaded patty had more of breast of chicken feel. Again, rather than it being a spongy like processed patty, it felt, and tasted, like a breast of chicken was breaded and served up. The patty was larger than the standard fake patty, so was more fulfilling. It made the patty that more enjoyable.

As for taste, I was surprised at how close in taste it was to real chicken. I know just about anything can be made to taste like chicken, you hear folks joke about it all the time, but this patty truly tasted, and felt, like chicken.

So far, Quorn has hit the mark every time for me.

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