Book Review: Peaceful Piggy Meditation

“Peaceful Piggy Meditation”
by Kerry Lee MacLean
Published by Albert Whitman & Company

“So, peaceful piggies feel free like a bird in the sky, and as calm as a pond on a cool, clear night.”

“Peaceful Piggy Meditation” is another great meditation guide for kids by the author of “Moody Cow Meditates”. While there is no underlying plot to the book, it is much more of a learning book than a story.

Kerry introduces children to meditation practice in a manner that is understandable and enjoyable. The book is more than likely geared toward children from the ages of 3-8, I thinok older children may think the illustrations are to young for them. Not that it is a bad thing, because I think if this book is introduced at the earlier age, the kids won’t need it later as the will have the experience of meditation already.

The great thing is, you and your kids do not have to be a Buddhist  to read and implement the meditations in this book. Minus the dedication of the book, there is no mention of Buddha, Buddhism or religion at all.

We are re-introduced to the jar mediation we learned in “Moody Cow..” and are also given instruction on how to implement a new one. It is more of a “mindful of breath” meditation, which most of us are familiar with already, but it is simplified in a way that will make it understandable to those children that fit into the age group I already mentioned.

The book is beautifully illustrated. As I was reading it to do this review my kids were hovering over me, asking me to read it and asking what the piggies were doing. I can’t wait to get into this some more with them. For those of you trying, or thinking of trying, to teach your kids something about meditation, Kerry has it down to a tee here and her books are extremely helpful.


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