Book Review: Moody Cow Meditates

Moody Cow Meditates
by Kerry Lee MacLean
Published by Wisdom Publications

“Now it’s been two whole weeks and I haven’t had on Moody Cow day.”

“Moody Cow Meditates” is a fantastic book that introduces parents, and children, to an ingenious activity that children can get involved with, and seemingly, have the attention span to accomplish.

Peter, now known as Moody Cow, is having an extremely horrible day. His sister ruins on of his things, he trips down some stairs and falls off of his bike. The day couldn’t get any worse, but it does for Moody Cow.

After these unfortunate events, his mom calls in the cavalry, his “Zen-like” grandpa. Moody Cow enters a room where his grandpa is sitting in meditation, so Moody sits on a cushion as well. His grandpa grabs a jar full of water and compares the jar to Moody’s mind. He also introduces a bowl full of sparkles, and compares them to Moody’s angry thoughts.

Moody is taught to grab a pinch of the sparkles and drop them into the jar, as he is doing so he is taught to visualize each pinch as one moment that affected his day. After putting several pinches of sparkles into the jar, it is capped and shaken. His grandpa goes onto explain that this is how his mind is, cluttered by all of the angry thoughts. Moody is taught to sit and watch the jar, to just breathe and watch the bad feelings settle in the jar.

This book is a true gem to those of us with children and that struggle with trying to teach them meditation. I’ve tried a few times with my son, but his attention span is like that umm, of a kid. He desperately wants to do it, but fidgets.

The last page of the book explains how to set up the meditaion that Moody and his grandpa did. I can’t wait to try this as I think it will help my son understand what meditation really is. I cannot recommend this book enough to other parents who are trying to help their children understand and implement meditation.

From Kerry’s Google profile:
Kerry is the author and illustrator of eight childrens books, including Moody Cow Meditates (Wisdom Pubs 2009) and Peaceful Piggy Meditation (Albert Whitman & CO 2004). She also wrote one parenting book, The Family Meditation Book (On the Spot! Books, 2004). Together with her husband and children, she has led children’s and family meditative arts programs across Europe, Australia and North America. Check out her website, Kerry Lee MacLean

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