Blogisattva Awards: Nominations are Now Closed!

From the Blogissattva Award website:

It’s been a wonderful last six months since we announced the return of the Blogisattvas. The nominations are now closed for the 2010 Blogisattva awards, many thanks for all those who nominated their favorite Buddhist bloggers. There have been tons of great nominees in all the categories, and I certainly don’t envy the work our wonderful judges will be doing in the next week or so. So much excellence to choose from.

I will be putting together a worksheet for the judges to go through and make their nominations for the finalists and winners. This task may take up to a week or longer, so we thank everyone for their patience. Most likely, when the judges have completed their work, we will unveil the 5 finalist for each award category in one post, then reveal the winner of each category in another. 

I also wanted to post the badges that the Finalists and Winners can use for their blogs. A million and one thanks to Anoki Casey for yet again donating his time, his talent and the great graphic artwork to the Blogisattva Awards. He is most definitly a talented guy!

Finally, while you wait for the results, go check out the Online Meditation Crew, a group of folks, of all Buddhist traditions, who get come together online for discussion, meditiation and support. They are a great crew, and if you have any questions, feel free to hop on Twitter and send @ZenOutlaw a note.

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