Autumn And The Reminder That All Things Are Impermanent

Of the four seasons, fall/ autumn would most likely be my favorite, with spring coming in a close second. I love the smells, the flavors, the color of the leaves— there is no denying when fall comes.

With that in mind, there is no denying the fact that fall is also a reminder of impermanence.

Spring brings beautiful green buds, those buds flower into an endless spectrum of color. The summer warms the air and produces expansive blue skies, and for those that are coastal, it also warms the water around us giving us the opportunity to refresh ourselves with a swim.

But fall, even with it’s death and decay, is quite beautiful. Here in New England we are known for some of the most magnificent shows of colors from our trees here. People day trip from areas close by just to take a drive down our highways and boulevards.

The beauty, like our lives, does not last and soon the air gets a chill in it. The snow comes and we are covered with a white blanket. The winter, in all of its cold glory, does not last either.

Everything is in a constant stat of flux. Like the waves that crash on our shores, the ebb and flow of the seasons, and our mortality, everything becomes nothing.


  1. I’m with you on this… I love autumn too, for this same reason. It’s so poignantly beautiful…. bittersweet beauty because you know that the cycle of life is on its way out rather than in, with the dormancy of winter coming.

    I grew up in Southern California, where all this stuff about seasons was just theoretical. Certainly not a lived experience. Some years back, during a time when I was living in Western Massachusetts, I went for a walk with some friends at the beginning of October, the time when you can really feel the season start to turn, when the warmth of summer gives way to cool breezes. The leaves were just starting to turn.

    I was thrilled… and so much looking forward to the glorious display of fall colors in New England. I was in the middle of expressing my excitement about all this when I looked at my friends who had a look of dread on their faces. I couldn’t figure out why. Then one of them said to me, “In my mind, when fall arrives, I know the next thing to come is winter.” I hadn’t yet experienced how long a Northampton winter could go on…. and on… and on. So this meant nothing to me. But by the time the following April came, I understood why he had linked up autumn to dread.

    Interesting what our minds do… the same phenomena can be blissful or dreadful, depending on our mental formations and associations.

    Anyway, I love fall : ) Thanks for this post.

  2. Beautifully written. Autumn in my favorite holiday too. Every opportunity to be reminded of impermanence is a blessing.

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