T-Shirts for a cause (or two)

We all know about  Anoki and his Buddha Badges (read an interview with Anoki about his various projects here), selling punk rock/ metal buttons with all proceeds going to a monthly cause. He’s raised hundreds of dollars for various causes, so this work is very important.

It was recently the idea of Alfonso Acosta, aka The_Kamizazen from #OMCru Twitter infamy (read article I wrote about the #OMCru here), to do some t-shirts with designs based on characters in the Buddho-blogosphere as well as Twitter.

The designs, which can be seen and purchased here, are fantastic and very creative. The site they are sold from allow shirt colors to fit anyone’s palette. All sales from the t-shirts are sent over to Anoki and his Buddha Badges group to then be donated to the cause of the month.

It’s a simple way to help out a good cause, and in return you get a snazzy new t-shirt! Looking for a Precious Metal shirt?? Click here to be brought directly to the shirt design.

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