Open for Requests and or Questions

Earlier today, I had read something, not sure what it was, but I wanted to write about it. Absentmindedly, rather than writing it down, I told myself I could remember it, no problem. So here I am, and I got nothing!

This blog has been around for 3 years now. I receive comments on many of the posts, and I greatly appreciate the interaction. I am going to try to open things up a bit more.

What I’d love to do is this, have you comment on this post with what you’d like to see written about here. You can either come up with a topic, or ask a question. I’m open to just about anything and will be truthful with any answer. Got anything for me?


  1. So far I’ve always found what you’ve written on here interesting. Of course, anything to do with buddhism and metal is interesting, haha. Discussions on practicing the dharma off of the meditation cushion would be great if you have any.

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