Free Hugs? A Worldwide Movement!

Back in 2007 I stumbled on a fantastic video on the Free Hugs movement, original post is here. Until today I didn’t realize just how widespread it was. So what I have done is consolidated as many videos as I could find, into this one post. These videos were the first thing I watched this morning, a good way to start with a smile. So here is what I’ve dug up so far… I’m sure I’m missing some, but you get the scope of how BIG this movement is…

The original Free Hugs video featuring Juan Mann and music by the Sick Puppies “All The Same”

New York City

Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku, Japan

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts #2 (look for Sam Adams hugging it out)

Paris, France


London, England


Hollywood, California

Gothenburg, Sweden

Seoul, South Korea



Manila, Philippines

Chicago, Illinois

Miami, Florida

Toronto, Canada



Uganda, Africa

Mumbai, India

Bangalore, India

Tel Aviv, Israel



Madrid, Spain



Bangkok, Thailand

Bern, Switzerland

West Virgina


  1. I love it! Not because I’m a perv, but because….well because I’m a perv. No, no I actually think that is a pretty awesome event, nice to see people open themselves up to strangers like that. I wonder where the Free Hugs West Virginia video is though?

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