Buddhafest 2010

You may or may not have heard, but Buddhafest is an event going on this weekend in Washington, DC. Here’s a description from the site…

A dozen films plus talks and meditation present a unique mix and fresh take on the principles of Buddhism. Highlights include a world-premiere film, an Academy Award-nominated documentary, talks by Tara Brach, Lama Surya Das and Sharon Salzberg, and a Picnic for Peace.

The films present a wide-angle view of Buddhism in contemporary life, while the talks and meditations provide the opportunity to focus on our own individual stories and the situations we face now.

This will be a simple, practical, and bold look at the profound ways in which meditation and the cultivation of mindfulness can transform lives.

A number of the films being shown have been reviewed right here on Precious Metal. So I figured I’d create this post with a list of the film’s and a link to the reviews. I hope you enjoy them and hope that you get a chance, those close to DC, to get out to this event. I would love to live nearby…

“Fire Under The Snow”
“Blessings: The Tsonkyi Nangchen Nuns of Tibet”
“The Buddha”
“Dhamma Brothers”
“Meditate and Destroy”

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