Book Review: Golf’s Three Noble Truths

“Golf’s Three Noble Truths”
by James Rogonnet
Published via New World Library

The Three Noble Truths of Golf are:

  • Awareness
  • Balance
  • Unity
  • To be honest, when I first received this book I was caught off guard. I asked myself “how could golf, of all things, relate at all to Buddhism?” That was before I had no knowledge of golf, not that I am proficient in it now, but after reading this book I understand the parallels James was trying to help us understand.

    “Golf’s Three Noble Truths” is an interesting take on combining the solitary sport of golf, which can very much so be a game played inside one’s mind before ever hitting the ball off of the tee.

    “Relaxation means the absence of activity. When time stops, that’s relaxation. In relaxation the only moment is the now moment. Don’t spend your energy on the past or future. Focus on the action of the moment. Trade activity for action.”

    Golfer’s from amateur to the professional level can most certainly find valuable tips in the book to sharpen their games. With simple exercises like just being there, in the moment, not over analyzing the shot or the distance, just being there with the task at hand.

    Again, I am no golfer but at the same time, I can relate to a lot of what James has included in this book. For years he felt empty about his life and golf. Something in him awakened though and his path opened. He learned to just enjoy stopping now and again, not over analyzing his life and his golfing, but living it for what it is. I think we could all use a little of that, just stopping, bearing witness to our lives and the moment as it is.

    All in all, “Golf’s Three Noble Truths” is an interesting take on bringing eastern philosophy into the golf lifestyle. It’s not the average Buddhist book, as a matter of fact there isn’t much Buddhism at all minus a mention of Buddha now and again. This is a book worth checking out if you feel like things have gotten stale, plus it’s a nice quick read.

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    1. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness!! it’s something I totally lack in the realm of body movement when it comes to golf. so tough. Golf is a total mental game, might be one of the more “buddhist” sports out there.

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